Metadata is the Foundation for a Superior Approach to Document Management and Quality Control

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The value and importance of metadata is one of the most underrated aspects of a document management system. Often defined as “data about data,” it has been a lightning rod for misinterpretation and myth, which has undermined its significance and fueled misunderstandings about the impact metadata can have on file management and quality assurance activities.

According to the March 2012 Gartner research report, How Metadata Improves Business Opportunities and Threats, “Metadata unlocks the value of data and, therefore, requires management attention.” It goes on to say, “Failure to manage metadata properly will hamper critical activities such as information management, business process management and service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives.”

Leveraging Metadata Enhances Document Control and Compliance Management

Experts say that the more valuable the information asset, the more metadata you’ll find associated with it, and therefore the more critical managing metadata becomes to your organization, especially when it comes to document control and compliance management.

Unfortunately for many companies, metadata continues to be an afterthought, particularly when implementing an electronic document management system. As a result, many of them are missing out on the myriad business benefits that proper metadata management offers, from faster and more accurate information navigation and search, to streamlined quality control and compliance management activities to highly-improved management of workflows, business processes and access permissions – all of which translates into more time for your organization to innovate, sell and outperform the competition.

Metadata and Electronic Document Management:               The M-Files Way

M-Files is leading the charge in metadata-driven enterprise content management (ECM) and document management with an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement solution that enables companies to unlock the power of their mission-critical information and processes. M-Files is built from the ground up with metadata in mind, and is based upon the notion that it is easier to describe “what” something is rather than guess “where” it is stored. M-Files takes the hassle out of metadata management for organizations in a variety of industries with a user-friendly approach that is both scalable and adaptable for their documentation management and compliance requirements.

Metadata WP

In the M-Files white paper, Metadata: The Foundation for Next Generation Enterprise Content Management, we describe how metadata-powered ECM results in:

• Faster and more efficient search and navigation
• Superior replication and long-term archiving capabilities
• Secure and automated access control
• Maximized workflow and business process efficiencies

We’d like to hear about how metadata is leveraged at your organization. Do you employ a document management solution or quality management system that utilizes metadata? If so, how has it helped your document control and/or compliance management efforts?

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