Partner Spotlight – Unitfly


Official Partner company name: Unitfly 

Country: Croatia 

Name & Job Title: Ivan Markovic, CEO

How long have you been an M-Files Solution partner?

We have been an M-Files Solution partner for 5 years. 

Why did you choose to become a Solution Partner?

When we started Unitfly we wanted to focus on M-Files and its ecosystem. My founders and I came from the world of software development and we knew there was a space for a company that could do both M-Files implementations and development of M-Files add-ons. Being a Solution Partner was a natural move for our company.  

What solution(s) do you have in the M-Files Solution Partner program and why did you chose to build it/them? 

Extension Kit for M-Files – the Extension Kit for M-Files is our most used product worldwide and is now available to purchase directly via M-Files. We are using it internally for every M-Files implementation. When we started doing M-Files implementation we realized customers would also like to have some specific automations that would require custom development. To help other partners and us, we started working on Extension Kit from the very first project we had. From that point onwards, Extension Kit has been extensively upgraded with new modules and functionalities and is a main configuration accelerator for many partners worldwide.  

REST OT Connector– M-Files’s support for custom external object types allowed us to add a support for most often integration mechanism – via REST APIs. With a rich background in software integrations, we were sure REST OT Connector would help many partners significantly expand possibilities by being able to connect any 3rd party system with M-Files by using REST APIs.  

Cloud Integration Connector – As M-Files has strong technical relationship with Microsoft the same is for us. Our team is extensively using various Microsoft services. Cloud Integration Connector allows you to integrate 3rd party systems with M-Files by using very powerful integration services within Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. 

Process Intelligence Kit – latest addition to Solution Catalogue. M-Files should streamline business processes. To be able to measure and analyze business processes implemented in M-Files we developed Process Intelligence Kit. By using Process Intelligence Kit, you can export M-Files history in a form of events and that way provide customers with rich analysis using Process Mining techniques.   


What value do your solutions bring to customers and how do you differentiate yourselves in the market?

All our products are built for M-Files implementations. They serve as a configuration accelerator that open a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to what you can do with M-Files. For a companies without software development resources, we bring functionalities they could not imagine are possible with M-Files. For companies with available resources, we bring validated solutions that reduce implementation time and remove maintenance burden. 


Do you target any specific customer type (i.e industry or region etc)?

Our solutions are not industry specific and are used by many M-Files partners and customers worldwide.  


What excites you most about the Solution Partner Program?

Revenue from partner sales is significant for M-Files and in every corner of the world there is a company specialized in delivering value to customers implementing M-Files. All those companies make great a community of M-Files experts. Being a part of the Solution Partner Program means we can help other companies like ours overcome challenges we ourselves have faced. Through the Solution Partner Program we can grow by helping other M-Files partner companies on a global scale.  


Have you ever sponsored an M-Files partner event (eg M-Files Global Partner Conference)?

Yes, we were proud sponsors of M-Files GPC 2023 in Cancun, Mexico and we are also very proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the upcoming 2024 GPC in Madrid. Look out for us there!  


One last comment, fun story or quote: 

"If you don’t ask, the answer is always no"


About Unitfly:

Unitfly is a leading M-Files partner that helps companies in digital transformation. Combining highest-quality technologies and outstanding customer relations, Unitfly helps mid-size and enterprise companies improve their business as long-term trusted advisors, who analyze and understand their business, deliver the highest quality software solutions, provide superior customer service and continuously innovate. 

Ivan Markovic 

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