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Working at M-Files

Johanna – Consulting Unit Manager

We work together and help and support each other in different projects and client work whenever needed

Jonathan – Customer Success Manager

My not so secret weapon is a love of coffee, if you catch me on a call soon expect a colorful array of mugs.

Joni – Technical Advisor

The best thing about my job is the variety in the customer projects. The flexibility of M-Files to meet most different challenges has opened many new doors.

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Why M-Files

A dynamic, international, and diverse company.

Develop new skills in the software industry.

Top colleagues and working practices.

Great career opportunities

M-Files Founder and CEO, Antti Nivala, nominated for the 2021 Best CEO Award by Austin Business Journal

As a nominee, Mr. Nivala is being recognized for his innovative leadership, as well as the positive impact he has had within M-Files and in the local community.

We are thrilled for him to be acknowledged for his leadership and achievements.

The Spirit of M-Files

Make it happen

We want to be the best in the world in what we do.
We are focused, we learn from our mistakes, and we take responsibility to solve the problems we see.

Help others

We are friends and colleagues.
We assume others have good intentions, we hold each other accountable, we work and learn together.

Love customers

We serve our customers and partners with respect, and we want to deliver value to them as quickly as possible.

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