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Equip Applications with Accurate Data

Boost your business’s efficiency with M-Files, the solution to your document management challenges. M-Files seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, archives, and applications, providing a centralized, trustworthy repository for all your documents. This integration ensures that accurate and current information is always at your fingertips, streamlining productivity and fortifying compliance across your enterprise.

Transform Your Business with M-Files Integration

Unlock the full potential of your business operations by integrating M-Files with your existing applications. Our platform revolutionizes your workflows, automating and streamlining them for peak efficiency. With M-Files, you experience the power of a unified platform that adapts to your unique requirements, offering comprehensive integration capabilities that propel your business forward. Our solution is designed to fit seamlessly into your business ecosystem, enhancing collaboration and ensuring compliance with the strictest governance standards.

Enhanced Connectivity

Unify your technological ecosystem with M-Files’ robust integration capabilities. By bridging the gap between disparate applications, M-Files ensures a harmonious data flow, elevating your operational efficiency to new heights.

Immediate Impact

Experience the swift transformation of your enterprise’s document management processes with M-Files. Its intuitive integrations are designed for rapid implementation, delivering instant improvements and tangible value from day one.

Tailored Integration

Craft a document management solution that aligns precisely with your business objectives using M-Files. With its flexible APIs and web services, M-Files offers bespoke integration possibilities, molding to your unique operational demands.

Featured Integrations


Microsoft 365

Make documents easy to find and use in Microsoft Teams or create visibility to all business data in SharePoint. Better information governance for your daily work and collaboration.



Create contracts and automate workflows for their review, redlines, comments and approval. Securely store and share final documents across authorized team members. All through the familiar Salesforce interface.


Microsoft SharePoint

M-Files can integrate data across network folders to make information easier to find, use and share. Without needing data migration employees can be more productive and information governance more compliant.


Google Workspace

M-Files enhances Google Workspace systems with automated workflows, collaboration capabilities, and ability to enforce document retention policies.


Electronic Signatures

Streamline your M-Files approval processes by incorporating electronic signatures from tools such as Adobe Sign and DocuSign.


Network Folders

Network folders are a fact of life but their organizing structures can be frustrating. M-Files makes it easier to quickly find and use the right documents, especially for remote workers.

Other Integrations

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

M-Files offers out-of-the-box integrations with various business systems and legacy ECM solutions, driving immediate productivity enhancements for your organization.

Third Party Integrations

Our partners provide solutions that complement and integrate with the M-Files platform, adding value and extending its functionality.

Accelerated Value With M-Files Integrations

M-Files' native integrations simplify the connection process, allowing for quick deployment and immediate benefits, enabling your organization to start reaping the rewards faster. Leverage M-Files' flexible integration tools to seamlessly connect with your existing applications, ensuring smooth data synchronization and enhancing operational workflows today.