Electronic Signatures

Speed up the signing process for agreements, orders, invoices, and other documents remotely using electronic signatures while still enforcing your organization’s document protocols.

Elevate Your Document Approval and Signing Process

Electronic signatures can help optimize internal verification processes and speed up signature collection from external parties.


Facilitate Remote Work

Keep your team ”on the same page” no matter where they work.


Streamline Contract Workflows

Collaborate with customers, colleagues, and others in real time and share contractual content efficiently and securely.


Stay Compliant

Ensure compliance with electronic signature workflows, aligning approval processes align with company, industry, and legal requirements.

The Benefits of Electronic Signatures

M-Files Electronic Signature Integrations

M-Files integrates with a variety of electronic signature solutions, customized to your specific needs.


Adobe Acrobat Sign

End-to-end document management automation with integrated electronic signature that matches the highest standards globally. M-Files also offers an e-signature package that enables the Adobe Certified Integration without a separate e-signature service contract and deployment from Adobe Acrobat Sign.



M-Files workflow technology integrates seamlessly with DocuSign and supports pre-filled document templates, as well as auto-assigning documents for signers.


Visma Sign

Collect signatures faster and minimize risks involved with contracts with Visma Sign’s signature service. M-Files also offers a versatile solution for managing document templates and approving draft versions before the signature phase.


Compliance Extension

Take control of your document processes and maintain compliance by using the M-Files eSigning and Compliance extension in conjunction with your CRM or ERP system to create a central repository for all vital company documents and information.

See M-⁠Files in Action

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