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Learn more about M-⁠Files Ment and how we can transform your document automation experience with more agility, greater accuracy, and dynamic, real-⁠time changes… all with an easy-⁠to-⁠use, 100% no-⁠code interface.

Leverage a fully visual document
automation experience


M-⁠Files Ment is a next-⁠generation document automation tool that helps seamlessly generate complex, data-⁠driven documents quickly and consistently. M-⁠Files Ment is the first 100% visual, no-⁠code automation interface tool that removes the barriers of complex document automation processes.


M-⁠Files Ment empowers organizations with one-⁠of-⁠a-⁠kind self-⁠service tools that enable knowledge workers to release automated content anywhere and generate documents directly from third-⁠party input in a secure and compliant way.

Transform document creation with M-Files Ment

Document Management

next-⁠level ROI

Document automation is a powerful way to scale your work and bottom line by minimizing manual work processes. Generate new revenue streams and cost savings.

Document Management

Boost efficiency and profitability

Do more with the same resources by minimizing repetitive tasks and optimizing task processes. Use the time and money saved for more complex tasks.

Document Management

Deliver superior digital services

With unique self-⁠service tools, your organization can release automated content anywhere and generate documents directly from third-⁠party input.

Document Management

Secure robust compliance

Documents generated with M-⁠Files Ment stay compliant within company best practices and based on the correct versions.

Clause library

M-⁠Files Ment features a clause library which allows storage of commonly used text, which can easily be dropped into generated documents making drafting quicker and easier.

Realize quick time to value

Template authors can learn how to automate in as little as 15 minutes, allowing organizations to automate their documents rapidly without the need for expensive technical resources.

What M-Files Ment customers say


With Ment, we enhance contractual compliance and release lawyers’ time into supporting the most critical cases.

Niina Koponen
Legal Counsel, Tietoevry

Modernize knowledge management


M-⁠Files Ment provides a wide array of tools that helps make document automation and knowledge management easy—intuitive clause libraries, 100% visual automation, white-⁠labeling,
APIs, and more.


As a next-⁠generation document automation platform, M-⁠Files Ment gives users the ability to streamline their knowledge into templates and harness the power of no-⁠code automation to generate consistent and compliant documents.

Ment was founded in 2016 by Kaisa Kromhof


Kaisa transitioned from corporate general counsel to no-⁠code document automation entrepreneur. Ment was designed with legal documents in mind since the creation of those documents requires inserting and maintaining best practices and alternative wordings into a Word document using square brackets, footnotes, separate “instruction manuals”, etc. This is where the power of automation and smart tools can make all the difference.


Document automation has been done before, but most products are painful to use, and mastering them requires a steep learning curve and, sometimes, programming expertise. Ment’s design philosophy is rooted in understanding core user needs – making these kinds of documents easier to create using sophisticated legal design and harnessing reusable content.


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