Serve your customers more efficiently

With documents in order and digital processes in place, you can focus on service.

More time for what makes your business valuable

Your customers want exceptional service and tailored financial products… for a low price. That is a real challenge when staff spend hours searching for information, and when things like onboarding, trade orders processing, and loans approvals feature lots of paper and physical hand-offs. We can help.

What our customers say

Our customer has several offices and a customer base all over the United States. “Now it doesn’t matter which one of our 13 branch locations or different departments creates a customer record. It is stored in M-Files so everyone can access it and add loan applications, legal papers, financial statements, and more. It makes us more efficient and improves the customer experience.”

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Access customers information anywhere

We make it so you can access the documents you need at the office, at home, or anywhere work is done.

Work with colleagues, partners, and customers

Emailing documents back and forth just creates confusion and multiple copies. Share the link instead, and never lose track of changes

Our Customers

We help Financial Services companies worldwide

Stearns Bank

Will it work for your tech stack?

With integrations, add-ins, and API we are confident it will.

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5 stats about IIM in the Financial Services Industry

1 in 2 Financial Services execs say their management of Microsoft Office documents is “chaotic” or “somewhat unmanaged”.

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