Microsoft Teams

Add information governance to Microsoft Teams

When working with Teams, are you sure where to save your documents so that the right people, and the right people only can access the documents?

M-Files helps you manage information in Teams

When world-class information management meets world-class collaboration.

Ensure accessibility

Provide users better access for all relevant information, no matter where it is stored — always in the right context for the user.

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Minimize risks

M-Files enables a robust and customizable structure for permissions, ensuring people only have access to the documents they are supposed to have access to.

Work with documents in Teams

Provide a view to all information connected to M Files, directly from the Teams user interface.

Simplify information governance and minimize risk

Supercharge your investment in Microsoft Teams. Disconnected information is a risk — a risk you can avoid with M-Files for Microsoft Teams.


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Easier daily work with visibility across Teams channels

Accelerate the use of Teams and Microsoft 365 by providing easy access to all data.

Find and manage

Save in one location and provide one view to all data across Teams sites and channels, SharePoint and other applications.

Improve compliance

Automate permissions, route documents with workflows and enforce version history.

Give context

Find what you need, when you need it, always in relation to your use case.


Automate tagging and discovery of data and add workflows to manage documents automatically.

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