Construction and Engineering

Take the hassle out of managing CAD files, drawings, technical specifications and plans, project files and other documents with M-Files.

M-Files knows Construction and Engineering

Construction projects are big, complex, and fragmented. To keep delivering on time and on budget, you need visibility on your processes, as well as the possibility to automate manual and lengthy tasks that drain resources. Here is how we can help.

How M-Files can help

M-Files is built for those who build

We understand that you need document management software that supports all the file types you actually use. That’s why M-Files’ AEC document management capabilities enable seamless management of everything from CAD drawings and project plans to emails and Office documents.

AutoCAD integration

We integrate with AutoCAD to offer support for xrefs, searching within DWG files and inserting M-Files properties into AutoCAD drawings.

Automate typical AEC processes

Automate review and approval processes for plans, specifications, proposals, engineering drawings and any other type of document.

What our construction and engineering customers say

“From the first time I saw M-Files, I was blown away. M-Files provides so much functionality and flexibility, it was obvious that the platform would be suitable to achieve our content and records management goals as well as help automate our major construction project-management processes.”
Jade Brown National Records & Systems Manager | Fulton Hogan New Zealand

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The Benefits of M-Files

All project information in one place

We bring together documents, emails, drawings, and more from current and past projects. No matter where they are saved. Access them at the office, at home, or on site to make better decisions.

Automate back-office tasks

To reduce project costs, we enable you to transform paper-intensive and manual processes into digital. By automating invoicing, new personnel onboarding, as-builts handover, and more, you save time and reduce the risk of mistakes.

Keep safety central on-site

We facilitate your safety efforts, as you can distribute safety procedures to multiple sites in real time, track learning assignments, and be notified of safety reports as they happen to immediately follow up with corrective actions.

What our construction and engineering customers say

“All of our project data, from start to finish, go into M-Files – including specifications, e-mail correspondence, CAD files, spreadsheets and photos from job sites – and the metadata is synched with our accounting system so all the jobs are tracked in a consistent manner. Our employees now have a consistent, unified view of all project-related documents in M-Files, and they can be sure they’re working from the latest versions.”
Stephen Pynn IT Manager | Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C.

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