Construction and Engineering

Take the hassle out of managing CAD files, drawings, technical specifications and plans, project files and other documents with M-Files.

M-Files knows Construction and Engineering

Construction projects are big, complex, and fragmented. To keep delivering on time and on budget, you need visibility on your processes, as well as the possibility to automate manual and lengthy tasks that drain resources. Here is how we can help.

How M-Files can help

M-Files is built for those who build

We understand that you need document management software that supports all the file types you actually use. That’s why M-Files’ AEC document management capabilities enable seamless management of everything from CAD drawings and project plans to emails and Office documents.

AutoCAD integration

We integrate with AutoCAD to offer support for xrefs, searching within DWG files and inserting M-Files properties into AutoCAD drawings.

Automate typical AEC processes

Automate review and approval processes for plans, specifications, proposals, engineering drawings and any other type of document.

Get a grip on your process

See how M-Files can save resources and prepare your business to scale.

Why improve business process management with M-Files?

M-Files makes it easier to manage content and information more effectively in the digital workplace. Our approach to information management focuses on what the content of a document is, rather than where the document is stored. With M-Files, documents can live anywhere – on local drives, on CRM systems, and cloud storage, or any other location. Our technology analyzes and connects documents and data wherever they reside, across every platform and repository, and analyzes them to place them in context. Using metadata tags, we make it possible to retrieve documents in seconds – no matter where or in what format it is stored – anytime and anywhere. The result: you get a 360° view of all your content without the need for complex and costly migration to a central data repository. By automating and streamlining information management, we enable our customers to stay focused on their core businesses.


What is business process management?

Business process management (BPM) is the task of identifying, documenting, and optimizing the many processes that enable a business to operate. By focusing on making processes more efficient and cost-effective, business process management helps to improve productivity, eliminate errors, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is the task of automatically executing a series of steps involved in a specific business process. By ensuring that every step in a process happens correctly, in the right order, and on time, workflow automation helps to ensure that businesses run more smoothly and efficiently.