Revolutionize the Way Your Firm Manages
Documents and Information

Mitigate compliance risk, retain top talent, wow big clients, and outgrow your competition—
by managing all client information from one single place and leading the way into the future of digital collaboration.

Security is much simpler to manage but much more flexible and transparent.”

~ Ian Norman
   National Technology Director
   Crowe UK

“With integrated process workflows, employees always have access to the right information. They also have full insight into projects and schedules with the added assurance of full compliance with current legislation and regulation.”

~ Cor van Marle
   FACET Accountants

“M-Files has made people’s daily tasks much easier and less tedious, which means people are excited about their work; and it shows in their performance. This has created new levels of engagement and commitment.”

~ Elyse Mitani
   Continuous Improvement Manager

The M-Files Difference

Completely Connected

No more hunting through folders, network drives, and emails or relying on colleagues’ tribal knowledge. All client information can be accessed and managed from one single place… with exactly what you need served right to you

   > no matter where it is
   > no matter where you are


The Future of Client Collaboration

Boost client loyalty, ensure client retention, and mitigate risk with a customized and branded client collaboration portal that is secure, compliant, intuitive, and sophisticated.

M-Files for Tax & Audit Firms: Faster, Safer, & More Accurate​

From new client due diligence and onboarding to engagement planning, risk assessment, field work, review, reporting, and monitoring, our tax & audit firm clients are reducing errors, increasing billable utilization, and delivering client work product faster than the competition.

Reduce embarrassing &
time-wasting errors​

Easily find and share the right version of the right document, even if it’s in the permanent file​.

Protect your firm

​Reduce risk of potential sanctions, fines, and bad press with deeply customizable and automated file permissions​.

Unclog bottlenecks​

Automate review, approval, and signature process workflows​.

Enhance your brand–externally and internally​

Consistently provide clear, secure, ongoing communication and collaboration with clients, engagement team, & support staff​.

Deliver faster​

Expedite key document collection, storage, and retrieval processes with a centralized, fully-integrated platform​.

Eliminate silos​

Streamline secure information access from anywhere​.

Why M-Files?

Mitigate risk of breach & non-compliance

With complete visibility and control over fully connected information systems, and an agile approach to implementation and adoption, you can guarantee security, compliance, and ROI in weeks, not months.

Retain top talent & increase profitability

Increase employee efficiency & retention—and reduce operational waste—by serving staff exactly the information they need to deliver high value billable work fast, and automate the rest.

Land the clients your competition wants

Win new, reputable, influential clients by demonstrating superior information security and compliance practices—flexible for a changing regulatory landscape—alongside an industry-leading digital collaboration platform with a full audit trail.

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With integrations, add-ins, and API, we’re confident it will.

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