Document management can be taxing!

Revolutionize and simplify how your accounting firm manages information with the leading Knowledge Work Automation Platform. Automate workflows, find and organize client files and information instantly, fortify your security and compliance environment all while leveraging M-Files powered GenAI. Get connected with a scalable solution.

Analysts and Our Customers Have Spoken


Organize, store, and share documents instantly so your accounting professionals can quickly and easily find what they need

  • Intuitively organize information via drag and drop and save time searching and saving documents using metadata.
  • Increase staff's capacity to consume information and gain insights through harnessing the power of M-Files GenAI - Aino.
  • Easily retain, access, and aggregate data across multiple repositories while minimizing volume of documents due to versioning so you always have a single source of truth.
  • Maintain up-to-date content through system integrations with key accounting platforms.

Standardize and automate processes to save time and connect your firm

  • Use objects like documents, engagements, employees, clients to build comprehensive workflows and minimize manual error across internal and external users.
  • Configure workflows easily with a no-code visual designer to cover your accounting practices' unique needs.
  • Collaborate in real time with integrated e-signing platforms and co-authoring with Microsoft 365.
  • Automate document creation using templates paired with master data.

Protect client information and firm reputation through automated compliance controls

  • Reduce risk of data loss through automatically managed document permission controls based on employee role, service line, engagement and more.
  • Build trust with clients knowing only the right people have access to sensitive information.
  • Protect your firm with automatically captured audit trails on all documents.
  • Save valuable time on document retention policies through our Auto-Records module.

Keep your firm connected across all stages of the engagement.

  • Reduce manual error by incorporating master data from your CRM like Salesforce into client documents and metadata.
  • Securely send documents through e-signing platforms like Docusign.
  • Find, access, and manage all connected data, regardless of its storage repository, through the Microsoft 365 user interfaces.
  • Build connections with accounting tools like CCH Axcess or Sage as your tech stack grows or changes.

Accounting Leaders Endorse the M-Files Advantage

"We’re able to actually know the state of the return, whether it’s been accepted by the IRS or not. And then that actually pushes us to a different state in our workflow. So, we can manage that through M-Files and not actually have to go to the tax software itself."

Jim Himmelwright
Partner, Himmelwright, Huguley & Boles

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"Initially, some employees who had been using paperbased accounting for years worried that working from M-Files would be inconvenient. However, the solution’s flexibility and user-friendly interface quickly turned resistance into enthusiastic support."

Miklós Héhn
Partner, Deputy CEO, RSM Hungary Zrt.

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"Document Security is much simpler, more flexible and transparent."

National Technology Director
Crowe UK

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"There's a reduce in the risk that our clients are having to take on because we now control those documents and that data so much better than we did before."

Dave Bufkin
CIO, Horne LLP

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of M-Files

Uncover business-critical information concealed within the Ecosystem. M-Files works with popular business applications like ERPs and CRMs, helping to improve business processes and information management.

Work smarter with M-Files

Eliminate Information & Document Chaos

Organize client and firm documents for accounting professionals so they can easily find and use them in their engagements.

Automate Processes

Automate standardized processes and improve accuracy and speed to delivery with automated document workflows across all phases of a client engagement including document creation, collaboration, and approval.

Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance

Automate your security environment based on roles, regulatory requirements and internally developed best-in-class compliance policies to protect firm and client information.

The Most Productive Accounting Firms Use M—Files


Himmelwright, Huguley & Boles

Learn how Himmelwright, Huguley & Boles a US based accounting firm used M-Files to manage their documents end-to-end through system integrations and more.


RSM Hungary

Find out why RSM Hungary chose to implement M-Files for fully connected content, an intuitive user experience, and intelligent workflow automation.


To support corporate growth, Horne turned to M-Files for a centralized, easy-to-use document management system.


Crowe UK

Find out why Crowe UK chose to implement M-Files for fully connected content, an intuitive user experience, and intelligent workflow automation.

Industry-Tailored Solutions

Up to 294% return on investment with low cost of initial entry and fast time to value.

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Save Staff Time

Improved searching for documents and information by 50%.

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Reduce Data Loss

Faster filing of documents by 65%.

close up, business man or lawyer accountant working on accounts using a calculator and writing on documents

Decrease In Manual Work

Workflow efficiency increased by 70%.


Reduce Business Risk

Improved compliance and security that leads to automation in processing new documents and 20% time savings for auditors.


Upgrade Deliverables Quality

Work quality goes up when errors from use of incorrect data are eliminated and reviews are automatically routed to your firm's experts.


Faster, Simpler Implementation

Get up and running quickly to realize immediate productivity gains without having to migrate data.

See M-⁠Files in Action

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo to learn more about simplified search, automatic workflows, intuitive user interfaces, and built-⁠in integrations with existing applications and file systems.