M‑Files Creates The Smarter Way to Work

Save time. Automate workflows. Ensure compliance. Improve content collaboration.

Delivering a digital client experience

M‑Files metadata‑driven document management platform empowers knowledge workers to:

  • Capture and deliver the right information at the right time while augmenting productivity.
  • Leverage business process automation to increase productivity and reduce errors.
  • Mitigate business risk by ensuring compliance and reinforcing robust security.
  • Promote winning customer experiences through a powerful, accessible collaboration portal.
  • Enables businesses to realize an ROI of nearly 270%.

M‑Files is the ONLY metadata‑driven document management platform

It’s all about context: The What, not the Where

  • Unlike unconnected folder systems, M‑Files’ metadata‑driven platform helps attach vital information to the right business process.
  • Context–centered tools allow users to know precisely what any specific file or document is and its relationship to other data.
  • Users can then automate business rules and control visibility, editing rights, review and approval protocols, retention, and more.


How metadata works

  • Traditionally, information is stored within a folder structure‚ÄĒa static, information‑modeling system that requires non‑intuitive, tedious navigation.
  • Knowledge workers can locate the same information using a variety of methods, depending on their specific needs.
  • M‑Files attaches the information model (metadata) directly into the document, replacing a traditional file path with a streamlined system that doesn’t require folder.
How M-Files uses metadata


The power of context


With M‑Files, information always stays within the correct context. Automatic or manual metadata tagging allows users to:

  • Find the right information quickly.
  • Discover related information easily.
  • Access the most applicable information.
  • Organize information according to relevant criteria.
How M-Files provides context


Comprehensive integration


M‑Files integrates with most common line‑of‑business applications, as well as various content repositories, including network folders, SharePoint, and legacy content management solutions.


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M-Files integrations

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