Keep documents in one place

When information is just one click away, you can focus on shipping great products on time.

More visibility on projects

With documents all over the place, keeping track of what happens in the supply chain is a challenge. What are the most recent specs? Where are the certificates for this part? How does the customer want their product shipped? We help you sort this out.

M-Files for Manufacturing

We help your company gain full visibility on documents about jobs, customers, and suppliers — without the hassle of lengthy and costly implementations.

A complete view of your operations

From estimates to BOMs and work orders, all the way to shipping preferences. We bring together documents from different places, so that you know what’s happening at any time.

Make your process digital

If you are still heavily using paper, M-Files can automate processes like design requests, purchase orders, and training. Personnel are notified when action is needed, and you can see who has done what and when.

Quality is everybody’s job

M-Files enables ISO compliance. Quality procedures and learning assignments will be tracked, and when something happens on the shop floor, personnel can report the issue digitally for further action.

What our customers say

TK Elevator Case Study

Our customer was managing hundreds of documents for any given project, and documents ended up in a physical file folder that was moved from department to department. “We now manage almost one million documents with M-Files. We have eliminated more than 13 physical handoffs of documents, and we have saved $1.5 million to date.”

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Work with colleagues, suppliers, and customers

Emailing documents back and forth just creates confusion and multiple copies. Share the link instead, and never lose track of changes.

ISO 9001 compliance

“If you do ISO 9001 manually, the additional paperwork is a pain. But using M-Files, it’s trivial”. Micro Pilot manages compliance to ISO 9001 with M-Files.

Our customers

We help manufacturing companies worldwide

Stearns Bank

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Will it work for your tech stack?

With integrations, add-ins, and API we are confident it will.

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Electronic signatures and quality management

Our customer Vatherus has saved over 500 manhours and provided electronic signatures for more than 4,000 quality documents a year.

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