M-Files for Manufacturing

Information management that enhances the bottom line for manufacturers.

Make information easy to find and use

  • Reduce staff time wasted by searching for the right folders, files, and versions
  • Organize estimates, BOMs, and work orders in one place
  • Integrate intelligent information management processes into your daily work


Improve work processes with automated business workflows

  • Automate any document or task process to enhance ROI
  • Optimize shipping information and logistics plans via automated workflows
  • Simplify manufacturing processes like design requests, purchase orders, and training


Build peace of mind with seamless compliance management

  • Easily track and automate ISO 9001 and other compliance standards
  • Create specified workflows to make audits flow correctly with automated follow-⁠up actions and tracking
  • Identify risks and issues quickly and create automated preventative follow-⁠ups


Identify risks and automate prevention

  • Deploy a quality-⁠management platform that keeps all vital information in the same place
  • Track quality procedures and learning assignments from the office to the shop floor
  • Report safety issues digitally to ensure continuity and follow-⁠up

Manufacturing Leaders Endorse the M-Files Advantage

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If you do ISO 9001 manually, the additional paperwork is a pain, but using M-⁠Files, it’s trivial […] we have a variety of documents we have to track when we calibrate and test an autopilot. Before, we kept it on a manual filing system, now, with M-⁠Files, we just attach the serial number as an attribute while saving. This way we can tie together checklists, invoices, and all documents pertaining to that one particular autopilot and get the history with a simple query.

Howard Loewen
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For us, M-⁠Files has become an integral part of our business. Intelligent information management and quality management are now anchored in a system.

Johan Vloedbeld
Quality Assurance Manager
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Automating the entire process for standardized products saves approximately 500 hours of working time per year, which is a major impact. At the same time, we are ensuring high-⁠quality deliveries to our customers.

Juha Lehtola
IT Manager

Discover Why the Most Productive Manufacturers Use M-Files



Solutions to lead a new journey into digitization and collaboration.

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Read our Case Study on how we helped Vahterus with their document and quality management issues to have a dynamic, AI-powered information management solution.

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The M-Files Impact

Up to 270% return on investment with a low cost of initial entry and fast time to value.

Scale smartly

M-Files grows and adapts with your business. It can be expanded from a single-use case to becoming the operational backbone of the company.

Enhance the bottom line

Do more with less by reducing the non-billable time spent searching for documents and by automating the flow of everyday work.

Reduce risks

Spend less time checking compliance and regulations, while protecting sensitive data through role-based permission controls.

Streamline processes securely

With the help of placeholders and metadata, templates are already partially filled in with the reference number of the job, so you can avoid manual errors.

Reduce training time

Get new employees up to speed faster, and make sure they always have up-to-date information, so they can be productive sooner.

Record real-time insights

With M-Files, staff can flag and submit issues digitally. M-Files QMS enables managers to implement and distribute quality procedures while tracking and recording that they have been learned.

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