Outpace your competition with M-Files

Automated document management that improves the bottom line for law firms, in-house counsel, and legal services.

Maximize ROI with a zero-⁠code document automation solution

  • Seamlessly automate documents without using pre-⁠produced decision trees, tagging, coding, square bracketing, SQL, or other complicated processes.
  • Your organization can release automated content anywhere and generate documents directly from third party input using unique self-⁠service tools.
  • Documents generated with M-⁠Files Ment stay compliant within company best practices and based on the correct versions.
  • Do more with the same resources by minimizing repetitive tasks and optimizing task processes. Use the time and money saved for more complex tasks.

Document Automation

Strengthen compliance and confidentiality

  • Ensure only the right people have access to your sensitive information.
  • Reduce data-⁠leak risks through easily managed permission controls based on role, level, and account assignments.
  • Decrease the number of manual processes needed for compliance, information security and audit trails.
  • Protect your firm’s reputation from negative publicity associated with data breaches by maintaining tight information control.


Retain and grow clientele with an integrated collaborative workspace

  • Accelerate legal processes as documents are immediately made available for review and approval between firm or in-⁠house counsel and client or stakeholder.
  • Share information seamlessly with your clients through an intuitive and secure sharing portal.
  • Avoid costly errors caused by miscommunication by ensuring that your firm and clients always work from the correct version of information.
  • Enhance your firm’s image through client-⁠⁠specific branded workspaces that showcase your unique specialties.


Streamline document management

  • Reduce non-⁠⁠billable time wasted by staff searching for the right folder, file, and version number.
  • Ease onboarding of new employees by enabling them to quickly find the correct versions of information they need.
  • Maximize your current systems when the latest client data automatically appears across all your legal applications.
  • Increase legal wins by easily tapping into knowledge from past cases that demonstrates your superior expertise.
Document Automation

Legal Services Leaders Endorse the M-Files Advantage


Digital transformation is an important issue for us, as well as for our members. With the digital legal files, we were not only able to significantly improve our processes, but also serve as an example for our members of how modern IT solutions can increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Thorsten Bröcker
Senior Managing Director
vem.die arbeitgeber e.V.

The automation of [contract] modules will greatly contribute to enhanced contractual compliance and will release lawyers time into supporting the most critical cases.

Niina Koponen
Head of Legal Partner Care

“The team loves M-⁠Files. It has saved 40 to 50 percent of
the lawyers’ time in terms of precedent generation.
The positive response has been such that the firm is now looking to add more documents to aid with automation, which will let the firm take workflows to the next level.”

Sam Sofianos
Colin Biggers & Paisley

Make the most of your client information and manage it efficiently.


For almost two decades, M-⁠⁠Files has delivered information management solutions and accumulated a wealth of expertise around industry-⁠⁠specific best practices. Our Client Information Management solution covers the business processes and data governance related to the management of clients, client engagements, and client confidential information. While our solution forms the foundations based on best practices, the final solutions can always be tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

Optimize your processes and reduce the risk of non-compliance

Boost productivity

Organize client information for quick discovery and reuse in different contexts and roles.

Improve quality and consistency

Support client engagement delivery with workflows, document templates, and version control.

Improve client satisfaction

Provide superior client experience with seamless exchange of data and a collaborative workspace.

Enforce client confidentiality

Simplify confidential client data governance with automated permissions and built-⁠in process controls.

How Successful Law Firms and In-House Teams Use M-Files

Tietoevry is one of the largest IT services providers in the world with turnover around 3 billion euros per year. [M-Files] helped the company to empower their business users to generate data legislation-compliant wording with a Standard Contractual Clause generator. Using M-Files they were able to draft legal documents quicker and more compliantly.

Banijay is an international media production company with over 120 production companies across 22 territories. Banijay’s Finnish subsidiaries use M-Files to improve internal efficiency. Their lawyers have automated 30 templates so far and are empowered to maintain them without technical support.

The M-Files Impact

Up to 270% return on investment with low cost of initial entry and fast time to value.

Enhance the bottom line

Do more with less by reducing the non-billable time spent searching for documents and by automating the flow of everyday work.

Reduce business risks

Spend less time tracking and reporting security compliance and protect sensitive data through role-based permission controls.

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Retain satisfied clients

Give clients a more engaging experience with secure real-time portals that increase transparency and accelerate turnaround.

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See M-⁠Files in Action

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