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Customers gain a competitive edge when technology providers, integrators, and resellers join forces with M-⁠Files to provide metadata-⁠driven document management solutions.

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Why Partner with M-Files?

The M-Files partner program helps design and deliver better solutions for our mutual customers’ information management and security, digital transformation, business process optimization and productivity.

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Best in Class Solution

Analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, and Nucleus Research recognize the innovation of our metadata-⁠driven document management platform and position us as a global leader in information management.


Become a Partner

Deployment Flexibility

Customers can deploy M-⁠Files on-⁠premises, in the cloud or both under a single license subscription. And they can start simple with a single department or use a case to prove value before a broad rollout.

Become a Partner

Multiple Revenue Streams

M-⁠Files is committed to our partners’ financial success, offering generous subscription margins, clear needs for implementation services and opportunities for complementary product up-⁠sell and cross-⁠sell.

Become a Partner

Built for Growth

Our SaaS-⁠based business model offers predictable recurring revenue and a solid foundation for ongoing growth. Partners that achieve Premier status earn even greater benefits and rewards.

Partner Benefits

Join our thriving ecosystem tap into tools and support specifically designed to help our partners succeed.

Onboarding and enablement

Get going quickly on your first project with our 90-day ramp-up program. Then tap into ongoing enablement for your technical and sales teams to stay up-to-date at all times.

Channel account management

All authorized partners are assigned to a specific account manager who is there to understand your business, connect you with enablement resources and resolve any issues that arise.


Organizations that dedicate resources and complete training can become Certified Delivery Partners, validating their technical capabilities to deliver high-quality M-Files solutions.

technical support
Technical support

Our technical consultants are available for pre-sales support and offer a schedule of partner-oriented training sessions. Implementation support can also be arranged when needed.


Partners can benefit from M-Files marketing. We will share our plans and assets, and outline how to generate new leads and opportunities through the M-Files Campaign Center.

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Customer success

Helping customers succeed is the key to sustaining long-term business stability and profitability. M-Files provides tools and resources specifically dedicated to customer success for our partners.


Partners around the world connect daily through the M-Files Community to help each other, share best practices, and exchange ideas.

resource center
Resource centers

Resource centers – the M-Files Academy, Partner Hub, Campaign Center, and Partner Portal – ensure you can quickly access the information you need every step of the way.

Partnership Opportunities

Information Management Solutions

We’re seeking additional partners to serve customers seeking information management solutions. If you’re looking for a full-⁠featured information management platform or need capabilities for specific use cases, we’d like to explore collaboration opportunities.


Information Management

Microsoft Solutions

M-⁠Files deployments frequently integrate with Microsoft products like SharePoint and Office 365 or are deployed on Azure. Let us show you how M-⁠Files extends the value of Microsoft technologies to improve efficiency, information governance and compliance.

integration image


Salesforce Solutions

With a prepackaged Salesforce interface, M-⁠Files allows users to access all data and documents related to a customer, regardless of storage location, providing an accurate real-⁠time 360-⁠degree view. See how to take your Salesforce solutions to the next level.



System Integration Solutions

M-⁠Files’ fast growth has been fueled by how readily we enhance the value of existing applications and systems. That means more opportunities for partners focused on delivery or systems integration. Upgrade your integration portfolio by partnering with us in our rapid growth.


Systems Integration

Solution Partners

Here at M-⁠Files we recognize that third party integrations and applications help to enrich our product portfolio with the enhanced features that customers require. We are therefore seeking Solution Partners who have built best-⁠of-⁠breed applications and integrations for M-⁠Files.

Investing in People & Communities
Information Management
Systems Integration
Solution Partners

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