Optimize Network Folders

Goodbye, Legacy Headaches. Hello, Secure and Mobile Access.

Launch new workflows and boost folder intelligence, while building easy and secure mobile access into your network folders.

No Matter Where You Are…

All your network folder content is accessible any time using any device.
Easily edit documents with your mobile device, review and accept changes, and complete assignments from others.
M-Files ensures your documents stay safe while also accelerating easy access.

Boost Your Productivity

Integrate intelligent information management processes into your daily work.

Collaborate and Share

Collaborate with colleagues in real time and share content efficiently and securely.

Workflow Automation

Add automated workflows to your documents to be more efficient and keep track of compliance.

One View For All Content

Keep your content in network folders or migrate gradually to M-Files.
The choice is yours. Realize measurable benefits from day one and visibility over all your content in one place.

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All your documents are available to you when you need them.

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Role-based user and access rights make sure only the appropriate users have access.


Ease of use

Automatic metadata suggestions help you tag documents for quick and easy retrieval anytime, from any device.

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Avoid “dark data” and discover business-critical information hiding in your network folders.

See M-⁠Files in Action

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo to learn more about simplified search, automatic workflows, intuitive user interfaces, and built-⁠in integrations with existing applications and file systems.