Share the right information with the right people in real-time


Metadata-⁠ driven collaboration made easy

Leverage the power of metadata and AI to efficiently and securely locate information, seamlessly share it, and collaborate more effectively with internal and external stakeholders


Collaborate with customers anywhere, anytime

With M-⁠Files, your team can advance multiple projects and centralize data sources across your customer base using digital workspaces or virtual board rooms that can be uniquely branded for each client


Social and chat features via Hubshare

Provide casual interaction modes while also enhancing file visibility, co-⁠authoring, reviews, and approvals

Document Management

Always work with the latest content

Co-⁠author, approve, or sign unified, “source-⁠of-⁠truth” files with your clients that always represent the most recent, updated versions—no more unsecure email attachments or “rogue” drafts floating around


Build workflows, not IT tickets

Save IT time and money by creating embedded workflows with real-⁠time control, rules, and routing that are available to all authorized users

M-Files HubShare: Collaboration Success Stories

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It’s important – in fact crucial – to success that you involve process owners and employees. This keeps everyone ‘on the same page’ and ultimately allows you to switch faster during use. M-⁠Files is now a serious pillar of the entire organization.

Quality Assurance Manager

“Currently, Madgwicks’ leasing and franchising
groups leverage M-⁠Files Hubshare’s extranet
capabilities to present key information and files
in secure, branded collaboration workspaces for
client access.”

Scott Butler
IT Director
Madgwicks Lawyers

Seamless information and document management with our stakeholders guarantees that our operations are reliable. To offer secure electricity transfer services, all of our documents must be up to date and securely available. The M-⁠Files intelligent information management solution is well suited to our business needs.

Marjaana Kivioia
Communications and Information Management Manager
Fingrid Oyj

“During the demonstrations of M-⁠Files Hubshare,
we found the platform was very user friendly
and this was very important for us.”

Yvette Moss
IT Director,
Steele Raymond

Discover how future-facing organizations optimize collaboration with M-Files



See how Swedish steel producer SSAB digitized their workforce, centralized communication and drove production results.

EN Fingrid


When electricity transmission company Fingrid needed an agile, fast and intuitive information management solution they chose M-Files to meet its demanding business needs and scale dynamically.

EN Manzil

Manzil Healthcare

Manzil Healthcare chose M-Files to reduce their dependency on paper-based processes and drive efficiency.

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Share with Confidence

M-Files’ built-in security and compliance controls ensure your information stays secure, even when collaborating internally or externally

Collaboration resources

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