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Accounting, Tax and Audit

Improve billable utilization and give your firm a competitive edge through process automation and information control.

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Management Consulting

Get more leverage from your firm’s intellectual capital by automating processes and improving the client’s experience.

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Life Sciences

Increase efficiency and tighten controls by automating clinical documentation and SOPs and CAPA publishing.

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Financial Services

Optimize staff efficiency and tighten PII control through intuitive document management that doesn’t disrupt operations or file storage.

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Reduce lead times and facilitate compliance through metadata-⁠driven document management across your supply chain.

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Boost efficiency and safety while reducing regulatory burdens in upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

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Construction and Engineering

Deliver more projects on time and budget with complete visibility and automated processing of up-⁠to-⁠date documents.

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Real Estate

Accelerate growth by eliminating time wasted processing contracts, surveys, appraisals, titles, and leases.

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M-⁠Files Solutions: A Quick Path to Productivity


Find solutions from M-⁠Files partners tailored to common organizational challenges and opportunities.

Implement Custom Workflows and Free Your Staff to Perform More Billable Work


Improve efficiency of knowledge workers and improve compliance by automating your businesses processes.

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