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Come for the products and solution, stay for the community

Our Community is an online platform for customers, partners, and others to discuss, post reviews, brainstorm new product ideas/use cases, answer questions, and
share information.

Enablement and training solutions to support different learning styles

When it comes to learning, one size does NOT fit all. That’s why our M-Files enablement and training framework is designed to serve various individual learning styles, while also catering to larger organizational needs. Our array of offerings ensure that the right training is available for the right people, at the right time.

Unlock ROI and business value faster with our portfolio of onboarding services

Accelerate time to value by adopting M-Files best practices and leveraging M-Files experts to design, implement, train, and manage M-Files using a proven, solutions-focused methodology. M-Files offers packages designed to accelerate time-to-value, drive user adoption, accelerate ROI, and reduce risk for the customers throughout their M-Files journey.

Customer success: achieve value faster

Customer Success is our pillar for ensuring customers reach their desired outcomes. We employ a relationship-focused strategy and an approach that includes involvement in the purchase decision, implementation, ongoing customer support,
and training.

Customer support: we’re
here for you

With other companies, customer support is not always something that’s deeply discussed during the buying process. At M-Files, we know that there will be challenges along the way. We embrace challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our expertise, our quick and efficient resolution process, and our focus on business continuity for our customers.

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