Speed to Value with M-Files Microsoft 365 Integration

Eliminate the manual work associated with document creation, storage, and usage while ensuring consistency, confidentiality, and context within your existing Microsoft ecosystem.

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Supercharge Your Microsoft Ecosystem

With its integration with Microsoft products, M-Files knowledge work automation platform helps organizations optimize investments in Microsoft 365 by providing complementary capabilities for business processes and information governance.

M-Files makes Microsoft 365 the single point of access for all enterprise data, empowering enterprises to find, access, and manage all connected data, regardless of its storage repository, through Microsoft 365 user interfaces.

Single View of Enterprise Information

Collective Intelligence

Unlock insights as M-Files platform helps with organizing and finding information, managing versions and duplicates, and guiding content collaboration within the Microsoft Ecosystem.

Strong Regulatory Compliance

M-Files' enhanced integration drives regulatory compliance by automating permissions and compliance controls according to business context and embedding them into daily workflows.

Holistic View

Gain a holistic view to all relevant enterprise information across systems and data repositories. With M-Files, teams could work within Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Copilot, and access the enterprise information through M-Files.

Achieve High ROI Through Microsoft Integration

Uncover business-critical information concealed within the Ecosystem. M-Files works with popular business applications like ERPs and CRMs, helping to improve business processes and information management.


Gain A Unified User Experience

M-Files integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products, allowing Microsoft users to access content directly within the familiar Microsoft interface.
Employees can collaborate, share documents, and manage content without switching between M-Files and Microsoft applications. This unified experience enhances user adoption and productivity.


Microsoft Teams Add-In

M-Files Add-In for Microsoft Teams allows working in the context of a single team while providing unified access to all enterprise data from the M-Files Add-In tab. M-Files automates document governance and guides collaboration with workflows, while enabling ad-hoc conversations within Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Outlook Add-In

M-Files Outlook Integration automates filing emails and conversations with the appropriate client and project, enabling users to concentrate more on their work. This enhanced integration streamlines email organization and ensures communications and official correspondence are safely retained within the M-Files platform, enhancing overall productivity, efficiency, and compliance.


Microsoft SharePoint Connector

This M-Files integration connects to documents in SharePoint and adds new capabilities for knowledge work automation. M-Files allows connecting SharePoint documents to business objects from non-Microsoft systems, improving discoverability and driving business processes. M-Files supports complex, built-in workflows and compliance rules with states, triggers, actions, and conditions.


M-Files Microsoft 365 Integration

M-Files integrates into Microsoft 365 and eliminates the manual work associated with document creation, storing and usage while ensuring consistency, confidentiality, and context.


Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

M-Files helps find information based on what it is rather than where it is whether it is in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint. M-Files connects to all repositories and systems to create a single source of truth.


Microsoft Copilot Connector

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 is your AI companion at work. It helps access relevant data, summarize emails, transcribe meetings, create documents, and conduct research.

Discover Microsoft Integration with M-Files

M-Files acts as the central hub for all enterprise data, enabling users to easily locate, access, and manage connected data from different repositories using familiar Microsoft user interfaces. This seamless integration enhances user experience and boosts productivity within the Microsoft ecosystem. Learn how M-Files complements Microsoft today.