Increase Productivity and Improve Control for Life Sciences

Handle mountains of clinical trial data with more control while improving the experience for field staff, project managers and sponsors.

Unlock Profit and Growth While Reducing Risk

Improve productivity, quality and profitability for contract research organizations with better document management.

Ease tracking of information throughout clinical processes

  • Enhance field experience by streamlining tedious documentation tasks so CRAs and project managers can focus on the science of the study
  • Ensure document quality through consistent application of master data and alerts that warn of missing information
  • Get more from your CTMS by making documentation readily accessible through your staffs’ primary operational interface
  • Increase project win rates by tapping into knowledge from past studies to enhance RFI and RFP responses

Automate documentation of SOPs and CAPAs

  • Automate SOPs and Resolve CAPAs efficiently through programmed workflows and alerts that provide visibility to deviations from the standards
  • Meet schedule milestones in conformance to SOPs through review workflows, timelines, reminders and notifications of delays
  • Control quality with workflows, security controls, records management and approvals automatically implementing your policies
  • Increase growth capacity by automating routine tasks so your firm can handle more studies without staff additions
  • Improve CRA recruitment and retention by equipping them with tools that reduce their administrative tasks and create more time for science
  • Accelerate staff onboarding through templates and workflows that enable them to quickly execute SOPs and handle CAPAs

Reduce business risk by ensuring compliance

  • Keep content secure wherever it’s stored − make sure every document is only available to the right people
  • Improve blinding by ensuring that users have zero data visibility unless and until they are identified as approved for access
  • Provide evidence of operational oversight that inspires confidence in sponsors and meets regulatory requirements
  • Maintain Trial Master Files in conformance with regulatory requirements through automated SOP execution
  • Streamline audits by showing SOP and CAPA controls and record-⁠level tracking of how and when data was generated, approved and accessed

Improve customer service with collaborative workspaces

  • Share with confidence across service teams no matter where documents are stored
  • Capitalize on investment windows by communicating and collaborating across teams and with clients in real-⁠time
  • Avoid transactional errors by ensuring your teams and clients always operate from the correct versions of information
  • Accelerate business activities as documents are immediately made available for review and approval between firm and client

The M-Files Impact

Up to 270% return on investment with low cost of initial entry and fast time to value.

See M-⁠Files in Action

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