Boost Success with Key Strategic Priorities

Efficiently draw insights using generative artificial intelligence (AI), achieve accurate results through automated governance and context, and leverage AI to automatically organize data.

Keep Data Private and Secure

Ensure your organization's data is safe and secure while providing a significant competitive edge. M-Files software combines the advantages of automation and artificial intelligence to enhance the performance of knowledge workers. Our integrated artificial intelligence solution has cutting-edge technology that becomes grounded in your organization's data, respecting your security and compliance policies, allowing you to leverage your data to its full potential.



AI needs access to the right information resources to provide real business value.


AI must comply to the information security policies and must not disclose information the users are not entitled to.


AI should only access relevant and up-to-date information to ensure accuracy of responses.

Lean Into Artificial Intelligence

Lean into AI to drive business value. M-Files Aino, the generative AI assistant within M-Files can aid knowledge workers process vast amounts of information quickly, get answers to complex questions, and arrive at conclusions faster. Aino's multilingual capabilities support global businesses by summarizing documents and answering questions in any.

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

Do you have a built-in capability to handle complex questions and look for answers across your enterprise systems? With the artificial intelligence capability of M-Files software, your knowledge workers can find the answers they need quickly and easily.

Achieve Precision in Knowledge Work

Aino is an exceptional tool empowering M-Files software users with the ability to precisely define the scope of their query. It provides a clear and comprehensive overview of where the answers were sourced from, instilling a strong sense of confidence in the results obtained.

Transform Your Conversations into Value

Start interacting through natural language with M-Files, as the artificial intelligence capability helps knowledge workers refine results or process topics thoroughly through continued conversation.

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See How M-Files Can Transform Your Business

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Maximize the Value of Your Data with AI

Uncover business-critical information concealed within your enterprise and achieve accurate results with M-Files. M-Files understands business context, accessing only relevant and authorized data. M-Files' metadata foundation drives data connectivity, confidentiality, and curation, enabling superior artificial intelligence experiences. With the highest standards of data security and regulatory compliance, M-Files Aino ensures that all interactions are protected and governed by organizational policies.

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Automatically connect documents to any business context. Connect documents with the right business processes and surface them in customizable views and usage scenarios.



Automate document classification, ensure security, enforce business rules, comply with industry regulations, and enable automated workflows.



Automatically discover critical data. Crawl data repositories to uncover business-critical data or sensitive content inside documents. Apply appropriate automation to stay in control.

Gain Artificial Intelligence Capabilities with M-Files

Gain productivity by empowering knowledge workers to ask questions based on their data, summarize documents, or translate pieces of content into other languages. With M-Files Aino, knowledge workers operationally profit from advanced generative AI capabilities while keeping their data safe. M-Files knowledge work automation platform automates tasks, processes, and actions that previously required human interaction. Schedule a demo today!