Balance Collaboration with Compliance

Manage documents efficiently, automatically align to rules and regulations, and save content from Google Workspace directly in M-⁠Files.

Connect Gmail and Google Drive Directly with Your Business Data

Store content from your Google Workspace applications in M-Files with one click. No more switching between Google Workspace applications and other systems and archives — manage everything in one view.



Ensure that records are stored and version controlled in compliance with data processing regulations.

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Security and Privacy

Easy, automated access rights are at your fingertips, along with various security measures within M-⁠Files.

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Workforce Efficiency

Connect business data and Google Workspace content and route directly through automated workflows.

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Retain Documents According to Regulations

Google Workspace applications are excellent tools for efficient collaboration and content creation. However, many countries or customers don’t allow you to use Gmail or Google Drive as a system of record.

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Save emails and attachments from Gmail to M-Files to improve team collaboration and ensure that key records are appropriately processed and retained.


Organize and secure with metadata to dynamically list content based on its context. That allows you to list all expiring contracts in a single view without having to migrate data to M-Files.

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Adhere with regulations by saving emails and attachments from Gmail to M-Files and by converting Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to immutable PDF records or to Microsoft Office file formats for long-term preservation or further processing.

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Unite siloed information and see all related content in one view. Emails related to a customer are kept together with other related content, like files in Google Drive or network folders, or event support tickets from your ticketing system.

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Easily manage user and access rights by role with M-Files automatic, metadata-driven use and access rights. Only relevant personnel have access to content.

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Take Gmail content out of someone’s inbox. Store Gmail content and attachments into M-Files with just one click. Ensure that users are always accessing and sharing the latest version.

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See M-⁠Files in Action

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