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Easily automate documents or suites of documents with M-⁠File Ment’s one-⁠of-⁠a-⁠kind visual automation interface. Hit the ground running in as little as 15 minutes training and get real value from automation quickly.

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Build your own document clause library and keep all your knowledge at your fingertips using best practices, playbooks, instructions, and more.

Help yourself

Unlock unique self-⁠service possibilities and share your automated content anywhere. Automate any number of documents and provide your clients or partners with easy access to document templates without involving technical support.

Nimble, no-⁠code scalability

M-⁠Files Ment is easy to scale—we can launch your first document automation templates within four weeks with no coding needed.

Transforming legal document automation


The automation of [contract] modules will greatly contribute to enhanced contractual compliance and will release lawyers time into supporting the most critical cases.

Niina Koponen
Head of Legal Partner Care

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Tietoevry is one of the largest IT services providers in the world with turnover around 3 billion euros per year. [M-Files] helped the company to empower their business users to generate data legislation-compliant wording with a Standard Contractual Clause generator. Using M-Files they were able to draft legal documents quicker and more compliantly.

Banijay is an international media production company with over 120 production companies across 22 territories. Banijay’s Finnish subsidiaries use M-Files to improve internal efficiency. Their lawyers have automated 30 templates so far and are empowered to maintain them without technical support.

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M-Files Ment document automation tools boost productivity with a wide array of unique features.

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