M-Files Product Support Policy

The standard maintenance and support services for M-Files customers.

This M-Files Product Support Policy defines the standard maintenance and support services for M-Files customers as set forth in the applicable Order to which this is attached to or incorporated to with a reference. Product Support might further be subject to the additional terms and conditions.


    1. Subject to due payment of all applicable fees by Customer, M-Files agrees to provide access to and use of the Product Support on a non-exclusive basis pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
    2. The Product Support includes Updates and other basic support for the Software Service, including without limitations issue solving and troubleshooting. The Product Support does not cover any Professional Services or further development that requires purchasing of additional premium support services. The Product Support shall only cover the standard version of the Software and does not cover any Third-Party Software and Services, or customized software application developed by M-Files for Customer. Support for customizations and customer-specific software requires procuring and agreeing on additional premium support services.
    3. Customer is entitled to use Updates provided by M-Files during the validity of the Subscription.
    4. Unless otherwise agreed, Customer is entitled to Product Support according to the support service tier, which is determined based on the Product Edition purchased:
      Product Edition Support service tier
      Standard Online Support (8/5)
      Professional Online and Phone Support (8/5)
      Enterprise Online and Phone Support (24/7)
      All other license types Community Support


    5. Product Support service tiers:
      • Community Support
        • Only M-Files’ self-service in the web included
        • Customer is not entitled to contact M-Files support via email, web or phone support and the response and resolution times do not apply.
      • Online Support (8/5)
        • Customer may contact support via support website.
        • Support requests are processed during standard support hours.
        • Standard support response and resolution times apply
      • Online and Phone Support (8/5)
        • Customer may contact support via phone or support website. Phone support is available during standard support hours.
        • Support requests are processed during standard support hours
        • Standard support response and resolution times apply
      • Online and Phone Support (24/7)
        • Customer may contact support via the support website or phone at any time
        • 24/7 Support response and resolution times apply

Standard Support Hours

The Product Support is available during Customer’s regional business hours between 8:30 AM and 5 PM on business days (Monday – Friday), excluding local public holidays on the time zone of Customer’s business address. During this time Customer may contact M-Files support and M-Files support will process Customer’s reported cases.

Incident Priority Levels

M-Files shall have the right to determine the Priority Level of an incident reported by Customer based on the criteria according to the following table. The Priority Level defines targeted response and resolution times.

Priority Level Description
1 The Software Service is down and Users cannot access the Software Service.
2 The Software Service is running but substantial errors occur. Users can access the content and copy it to another location but cannot store new content, modify existing content, or search from file content and metadata.
3 Users cannot perform some tasks but is not restrained from storing, changing, and searching content and metadata.
4 Users find service to be slow or/and there is an error that does not keep the User from using the system in daily operations.


Response and Resolution Times

  1. M-Files shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct errors and respond to and resolve an incident reported by Customer.
  2. The times below shall commence upon M-Files’ receipt of Customer’s support request specifying the issue in reasonable detail and ends upon M-Files’ notice of response/resolution.
  3. The following response and resolution times shall be applied to Online Support (8/5) and Online and Phone Support (8/5):
    Priority Level Initial Response Fix or Workaround
    1 5 hours 1 business day
    2 1 business day 2 business days
    3 1 business day 3 business days
    4 2 business days 5 business days, unless otherwise indicated in response


  4. The initial response times are counted during the standard support hours; If a Priority Level 1 incident is submitted at 4 pm on Friday, the target initial response is provided by 12.30 pm the following business day.
  5. The following response and resolution times shall be applied to Online and Phone Support (24/7):
    Priority Level Initial Response Fix or Workaround
    1 4 hours 16 hours
    2 8 hours 2 business days
    3 1 business day 3 business days
    4 2 business days 5 business days, unless otherwise indicated in response


  6. The resolution times apply only if the person who has submitted the support request can be contacted by e-mail or telephone without delay during the resolution phase. Service level time for an incident starts when the case is received and runs when M-Files has ownership of the case. Service level time pauses when M-Files waits responses from Customer.
  7. The initial response will consist of:
    • A suggested resolution to the reported incident; or
    • A request for more detailed information or clarification, which will enable M-Files to determine the appropriate course of action; or
    • Notification of the estimated time for providing the User with further information, resolution, or a workaround, as appropriate.

Service Availability

M-Files monitors cloud-based part of the Software Service and performs preventive service maintenance breaks to ensure Availability, performance and quality. M-Files aims for at least 99.5% monthly Availability.

Contacting Support

Customers entitled to Online support may submit new incident reports via the M-Files support web site at http://support.m-files.com. Support requests shall be submitted in English language.
Customer entitled to phone support may contact M-Files support via telephone numbers available at www.m-files.com/support.

Designated Client Contacts

Customer’s support requests must be routed through Customer’s designated contacts, who have participated M-Files training in order to ensure prompt and efficient service. Customer will name one (1) primary support contact and one (1) back-up contact for Product Support. Additional contacts may be named for IT and other technical communications. Any changes regarding the named support contacts shall be informed to M-Files without undue delay.

Maintenance of Software Service

  1. M-Files shall have the right to suspend the provision of the Software Service for scheduled maintenance breaks. The time used for the scheduled maintenance breaks shall not be taken into consideration when calculating the Availability. M-Files may carry out maintenance for servers on the third Sunday of the month, between 8 am and 2 pm UTC on servers outside Europe and between 10am and 4pm UTC on servers in Europe.
  2. Additionally, automatic scheduled database optimization tasks, which may affect the Availability, are started once a week every Sunday. The starting time depends on the region of Customer:
    • Servers in EMEA: 12 midnight – 2 am UTC
    • Servers in Americas: 8 am – 10 am UTC
    • Servers in APAC and ANZ: 2 pm – 4 pm UTC
  3. M-Files may schedule additional maintenance breaks e.g. to fix an issue with the Server Software and will inform Customer of the same if the tasks may have an effect on the Availability no later than two (2) days before performing such tasks. M-Files shall further have the right to suspend the provision of the Software Service for a reasonable period of time as an emergency action to recover e.g. from a data security issue that M-Files has become aware of, or to recover from a data network outage or other similar issue outside of M-Files’ control. M-Files shall notify Customer of the schedule and estimated duration of such unscheduled maintenance breaks that suspend the Software Service in advance or, if this is not reasonably possible, without undue delay after M-Files has become aware of such matter.
  4. Information regarding maintenance breaks will be sent by electronic mail to the email address Customer has supplied to M-Files.

Limitations on Product Support

  1. M-Files’ obligations to provide Product Support shall apply only to versions supported by M-Files Lifecycle Policy.
  2. The Product Support covers only technical issues related to the Software Service, and it is not provided for user help, user guidance, training, remote consulting, business consulting or other similar purposes. Usage guidance, training, remote consulting, and business consulting may be available for an additional fee as separately agreed between the Parties.
  3. If Customer notifies M-Files of an incident that is due to incorrect or improper use of the Software Service M-Files shall have no obligation to take action to correct the issue. However, upon Customer’s written request delivered to M-Files will proceed with the work on time and materials basis according to then current time and materials pricing principles. M-Files shall also have the right to invoice all expenses of M-Files associated with performance of such work and services.
  4. M-Files is not obliged to provide the Product Support requested to the extent it can reasonably be determined to be the result of: (a) operation of the computer on which a Software is installed in environmental conditions outside those prescribed in writing by the computer manufacturer; (b) operation of the Software with a version of the operating system software other than that specified in writing by M-Files; (c) failure to maintain the computer on which the Software is installed or used in accordance with written standards prescribed by the computer manufacturer; (d) failure to ensure that Customer’s personnel and staff are reasonably trained in the use and operation of the Software Service; (e) the Software Service is serviced, maintained or modified by anyone other than M-Files or M-Files’ authorized third party; or (f) Customer’s computer hardware failing to meet the minimum specification prescribed by M-Files for use with the Software Service.