M-Files Product Support Policy

This M-Files Product Support Policy shall be effective as of November 30, 2022. This Policy only applies to M-Files direct customers and does not apply to any end users that have licensed M-Files’ Software Service through an authorized M-Files reseller or other partner, who shall provide product support to such end users. This Policy may be updated or modified by M-Files from time to time with additional terms and conditions, and Customer agrees to such terms and conditions after the effective date thereof.

This M-Files Product Support Policy shall form an integral part of any order document and/or applicable agreement between Customer and M-Files to which this is attached to or incorporated to with a reference. Product Support may be further subject to additional terms and conditions as supplemented, updated or modified from time to time, as applicable. The defined terms in Exhibit 1 hereto shall be incorporated herein by reference.

  1. SCOPE
  • M-Files Product Support is available only to versions supported by M Files Lifecycle Policy (m-files.com/lifecycle-policy) and provided that Customer has a valid Subscription.
  • Subject to due payment of all applicable fees by Customer, M‑Files provides the Product Support on a non-exclusive basis pursuant to the terms and conditions of this M-Files Product Support Policy.
  • The Product Support includes Updates and other basic support elements, including without limitations issue solving and troubleshooting. The Product Support covers only technical issues, and it is not provided for user help, guidance, training, consulting, implementation, or other similar purposes, which may be available for additional fees as separately agreed upon between M-Files and Customer under an applicable Statement of Work ("SoW"). The Product Support shall only cover the standard version of the Software Service or Software and does not cover any Third-Party Software and Services, or any customized software application developed for Customer. Support for customizations and customer-specific software requires procuring additional support services under an agreed upon SoW.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, Customer is entitled to Product Support according to the support service tier, which is determined based on the Platform Edition subscribed by Customer:
Platform Edition Support service tier
(hours per day / days per week)
Team Online and Phone Support (8/5)
Business Online and Phone Support (8/5)
All other license types Community Support
  • Product Support service tiers:
  • Community Support
    • Only M-Files' self-service in the web included.
    • Customer has no access to M-Files support via email, web or phone support and the response and resolution times do not apply.
  • Online and Phone Support (8/5)
    • Customer may contact support via phone or support website. Phone support is available during standard support hours.
    • Support requests are processed during standard support hours.
    • Standard support response and resolution times apply.
  • Online and Phone Support (24/7)
    • Available on separate order
    • Customer may contact support via the support website or phone at any time.
    • 24/7 Support response and resolution times apply.

The Product Support is made available during Customer's regional business hours between 8:30 AM and 5 PM on business days (Monday - Friday, excluding local public holidays) and based on the time zone of Customer's business address. During this time Customer may contact M-Files support and M-Files support will review and process Customer's support requests.


M-Files determines the priority level of an incident reported by Customer based on the criteria according to the following table. The priority level defines targeted response and resolution times.

Priority Level Description
1 The Software Service is unusable, resulting in total disruption of work or other critical imparts on operations.
2 The Software Service is running, but there are major feature/function failures which severely restrict operations such as users can access the content and copy it to another location but cannot store new content, modify existing content, or search from file content and metadata.
3 The Software Service is running but there are minor feature/function failures such as users cannot perform some tasks but are not restrained from storing, changing, and searching content and metadata.
4 Other than priority level 1-3 incidents above, such as the Software Service is running and it does not prevent using the system in daily operations.
  1. Response and Resolution Times
  • M-Files shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct errors and respond to and resolve an incident reported by Customer in a reasonable timely manner depending on the applicable facts and circumstances.
  • The response/resolution times shall commence upon M‑Files’ receipt of Customer’s support request specifying the issue in reasonable detail and ends upon M-Files' notice of response/resolution.
  • The following response and resolution times shall be applied to Online and Phone Support (8/5):


Priority Level Initial Response Fix or Workaround
1 5 hours 1 business day
2 1 business day 2 business days
3 1 business day 3 business days
4 2 business days 5 business days, unless otherwise indicated in response
  • The initial response times are counted during the standard support hours. If a priority level 1 incident is submitted at 4 pm on Friday, the target initial response is provided by 12:30 pm the following business day.
  • The following estimated response and resolution times shall be applied to Online and Phone Support (24/7):
Priority Level Initial Response Fix or Workaround
1 4 hours 16 hours
2 8 hours 2 business days
3 1 business day 3 business days
4 2 business days 5 business days, unless otherwise indicated in response
  • The resolution times apply only if the person who has submitted the support request can be contacted by e-mail or telephone without delay during the resolution phase and subject to the limitations set forth below. Resolution times for an incident starts when the case is received and runs when M-Files has ownership of the case. Resolution time pauses when M-Files waits for responses from Customer.
  • Fixes are implemented only into the latest release, and M-Files may require replicating the error in the latest release before proceeding with the support request. If an incident cannot be resolved in a virtual or remote desktop environment, Customer maybe required to set up a non-virtual environment for more assistance.
  1. Contacting Support
  • Customers entitled to Online support may submit new support requests via Support Portal site at http://support.m-files.com. Support requests shall be submitted in English language or such other language as M-Files makes support available.
  • Customer entitled to phone support may contact M-Files support via telephone numbers available atm-files.com.
  • Customer's support requests must be routed through Customer's designated contacts, who have participated M-Files training in order to ensure prompt and efficient service. Customer will name one (1) primary support contact and one (1) back-up contact for Product Support. Additional contacts may be named for IT and other technical communications. Customer's named support contacts are granted access to Support Portal. Any changes regarding the named support contacts shall be informed to M‑Files without undue delay.
  • M-Files reserves the right to, and Customer agrees to, the use of M-Files authorized service providers.
  1. Service Availability
  • M-Files monitors the cloud-based part of the Software Service and performs preventive service maintenance breaks to ensure Availability, performance and quality. Subject to the limitations set forth below, M-Files aims for at least 99.5% monthly Availability.
  • M-Files shall have the right to suspend the provision of the Software Service for scheduled maintenance breaks. The time used for the scheduled maintenance breaks shall not be taken into consideration when calculating the Availability. M-Files may carry out maintenance for servers on the third Sunday of the month, between 8 am and 2 pm UTC on servers outside Europe and between 10 am and 4 pm UTC on servers in Europe.
  • Additionally, automatic scheduled database optimization tasks, which may affect the Availability, are started once a week every Sunday. The starting time depends on the region of Customer:
  • Servers in EMEA: 12 midnight – 2 am UTC
  • Servers in Americas: 8 am – 10 am UTC
  • Servers in APAC and ANZ: 2 pm – 4 pm UTC
  • M-Files may schedule additional maintenance breaks (e.g., to fix an issue with the server software) and will typically inform Customer of the same if the tasks may have an effect on the Availability no later than two (2) days before performing such tasks. M-Files shall have the right to suspend the provision of the Software Service for a reasonable period of time as an emergency action (e.g., recovery from a data security issue that M-Files has become aware of, or to recover from a data network outage or other similar issue outside of M-Files' reasonable control). M-Files shall use commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer of the schedule and estimated duration of such unscheduled maintenance breaks that suspend the Software Service in advance or, if this is not reasonably possible, without undue delay after M‑Files has become aware of such matter.
  • Information regarding maintenance breaks may be sent by electronic mail to the email address Customer has supplied to M‑Files.
  • M-Files has no obligation to provide the Product Support requested to the extent an incident and support request can reasonably be determined to be due to, caused by or the result of: (a) any factors, events or circumstances outside M-Files' reasonable control (e.g., natural disaster, war, acts of terrorism, riots, government action, or any network, system or device failures external to M-Files, including at Customer's site or between Customer's site and M-Files data center, or that result from the use of hardware, software or services not provided by M-Files); (b) any use of the Software Service after Customer were advised in writing to modify use of such service in the even that such modification did not occur as advised; (c) during or with respect to any preview, pre-release, beta or trial versions of the Software, Software Service, or any feature as determined by M-Files; (d) any unauthorized action or lack of action when required, or from Customer's employees, agents, contractors, or vendors, or any third party with access to any part of the cloud-based part of the Software Service, network or related equipment or services, or otherwise resulting from any failure to follow commercially appropriate or applicable security practices and policies (e) any failure to adhere to any required configurations, remote desktop technologies, to use M-Files supported platforms, to follow any policies for acceptable use including the use of software versions that are outside of the Product Support, or to use the Software Service in a manner inconsistent with the features and functionality of the Software Service (e.g., attempts to perform operations that are not supported) or inconsistent with M-Files' published guidance, instructions, agreements or user documentation; (f) any faulty input or erroneous instructions such as API requests to access files that do not exist; (g) any attempts to perform operations that exceed prescribed quotas or use limitations, or any improper, illegal, or unauthorized behavior; or (h) any Services that for which the Customer is not current with respect to payment obligations at the time of the incident.
  • If M-Files has no obligation to provide the Product Support, but upon Customer’s written request M-Files proceeds with the work, then M-Files has the right to invoice Customer on time and materials basis according to then current time and materials pricing terms. M-Files shall also have the right to invoice all additional costs and expenses associated with performance of such work and services related to Customer's request.



"Availability" shall mean the available time of the planned uptime of the cloud-based part of the Software Service provided by M‑Files.

"Customer" shall mean a customer with whom M-Files has an agreement for the Software Service and which includes the Product Support. Customer does not refer to any M-Files' resellers' or other partners' end users.

"Implementation Services" shall mean implementation, consultancy, training, support and/or other similar type of professional services.

"Product Support" shall mean standard maintenance and support services ordered by Customer and described herein.

Software" shall mean M-Files computer program or programs specified in the agreement/order as part of the Subscription at the latest release available on the effective day of such agreement/order, and any Updates which may be made available to Customer by M-Files from time to time during the applicable Subscription.

"Software Service" shall mean the standard on-premises and/or cloud-based software service as defined in the applicable agreement/order between M-Files and Customer.

"Subscription" shall refer to the combination of Software, Software Service and/or Product Support that Customer has ordered and is subject to an applicable agreement with M-Files. Subscription may also include Implementation Services if such services are agreed to be included into Customer's Subscription.

"Third-Party Software and Services" shall mean software, software components and products or software and/or data services as well as content developed by a third party or whose IPR belongs to a third party. Such Third-Party Software and Services might be supplied in, or in connection with, the Subscription and licensed under separate terms and conditions available in the Software and/or related documentation.

“Updates” shall mean releases of the existing Software and/or Software Service incorporating improvements, modifications, patches, error corrections and enhancements that are made available by M-Files to Customers with an active Subscription. Updates do not include any software or services that are marketed and priced separately by M-Files or which M-Files makes available to its Customers with an active Subscription for an additional charge.