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M-Files Celebrates Partner Award Winners at M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024 in Madrid, Spain

M-Files Celebrates Partner Award Winners at M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024 in Madrid, Spain

M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024 in Madrid, Spain

M-Files, the leader in knowledge work automation, announced the winners of this year's Global Partner Awards at the M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024 in Madrid, Spain. The annual Partner Awards honor top-performing companies across the M-Files partner ecosystem.

From May 14-15, 2024, M-Files hosted a Partner Summit to welcome M-Files partners from across the globe, inviting them to participate in customized workshops, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. All attendees celebrated this year's Partner Award winners on the evening of May 14.

The award-winning partners were recognized for their achievements in 2023 in program excellence and sales and marketing innovation. The 18 awards honored the following global and regional award winners from 13 countries:

M-Files has held its annual Global Partner Conferences for the past eleven years. This year, the M-Files IMPACT Global Conference brings together both M-Files partners and customers, for the first time at the four-day conference, May 14-17, 2024.

The two-day Partner Summit celebrates success milestones and provides the community an opportunity to develop new competencies to support sales and program performance.

Day 1 of the Partner Summit kicked off with a visit to the exhibit hall and booths of sponsors, partners, and M-Files experts. After a welcome keynote, partners attended one of three workshops best suited for their roles: Commercial, Technical, or Developer.

The Commercial option offered insights on the positioning of M-Files as the knowledge work automation leader, customer service, and strategies for maximizing pipeline and driving business growth. For the Technical workshop, partners navigated best practices and cloud migrations. Attendees of the Developer workshop learned of upcoming M-Files product innovations and development technologies.

The first evening of the Partner Summit featured the Partner Awards and Dinner, after the exhibit hall visit. The main session of Day 2 takes place in the morning, titled "M-Files Driving Digital Transformation with Knowledge Work Automation and AI," for partners to learn of the M-Files product vision and upcoming launches, followed by a customer presentation.

Day 2 also features three optional sessions in a similar format to Day 1, this time in "Breakout" style. The Commercial kicks off with a Product Roadmap and Partner Panel, presents partners sharing best practices during their M-Files journey, and finishes with a presentation from a partner company.

The Technical Breakout Session features an in-depth demo of the M-Files "Industry Solution Builder (ISB)". The IBS is a design and deployment M-Files vault application that can be used as a tool to create new solution deployments for M-Files partners. Attendees will learn about M-Files' approach to Generative AI, as well as the brand new "M-Files Partner Cloud." This new service offers partners more autonomy and control over their Cloud service and customers.

During the Developer session, participants will benefit from the "M-Files Developer Experience 2024" which follows from Day 1 and showcases upcoming M-Files technologies and development support for these.

To end the two-day Partner Summit, a Welcome Reception will host both partners and customers to enjoy drinks, entertainment, and network in Madrid. M-Files will then proceed with the second half of the four-day IMPACT Global conference- the User Summit.

The M-Files partner program helps design and deliver better solutions for mutual customers’ information management and security, digital transformation, business process optimization, and productivity. M-Files’ partner ecosystem includes Strategic Alliances, Global Systems Integrators (GSIs), and Premier and Authorized Partners, which are a critical component of its go-to-market strategy.

Sponsors of the 2024 M-Files IMPACT Global Conference included Microsoft, Baystream, CtrlDocs, RBC Technology Group, CloudOffix, Nettpost, EAG, Strickland Solutions, Uxopian, Unitfly, and Chronoscan Capture. For more information about becoming part of the M-Files Partner Program, please visit Become a Partner | M-Files.

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