TTI, Inc. – Europe

The M-Files Knowledge Work Automation Platform Unleashes Efficient Process Automation and Metadata-Driven Document Management


  • As a "Single Source of Truth", M-Files becomes the central platform for process automation and document management
  • Reduced workload and rapid implementation with M-Files Cloud and Managed Services
  • International rollout of the proven solution creates standardization and synergies
  • Numerous business-critical processes optimized

Use Case

Customer Relationship Management
Process Management
Quality Management
Version Management
Workflow Automation


Electronic Components / Distribution



Company Introduction

TTI, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an authorized specialty distributor of electronic components with more than 8,000 employees in more than 130 locations worldwide. With over 50 years of experience, TTI has established an exceptional position in product diversity, quality, service, and logistics capabilities, making it the preferred distributor worldwide for manufacturers in the industrial, defense, aerospace, transportation, medical, and communications markets.

With European headquarters in Maisach-Gernlinden, near Munich, the company operates a nearby logistics center with 45,000 m² of specialized warehouse space and shipping more than 47 billion parts in 2022.

TTI, Inc. currently serves over 17,000 active customers in Europe from 28 sales offices spread across the continent.

The European branch of TTI, Inc. launched a program known as "Let's go digital!" to pursue continuous improvements through digital transformation. An ever-increasing volume of documents, as well as stricter information security regulations prompted the company to rethink existing structures and processes and the way information is used. As a result, TTI, Inc. - Europe chose M-Files as its information management platform.

Key Challenges Before M-Files

The document and information management challenges at TTI, Inc. - Europe lay in the storage and archiving of documents. Digital content was distributed across several storage repositories, such as different systems and directories. The lack of standardized and consistent structures and guidelines for data storage (isolated solutions) made it difficult to find the right document when needed. Duplicates and different versions of documents caused uncertainty in process flows and economic risks.

The internal sales team specifically struggled with the lack of transparency and fragmentation of information. For example, it was difficult to respond efficiently and promptly to complaints because there was no access to the original order. Surprising absences due to employee illness were difficult to cover because relevant information wasn't accessible and work statuses were difficult to determine. TTI, Inc. - Europe also needed process, information, and workflow improvements in quality management and import/export management.

In short, TTI, Inc. - Europe needed to drive digitalization of its own processes to a new level and optimize overall operational management, as well as rapidly onboard employees to execute processes across locations for international collaboration.

"We needed more transparency and control over our processes, information, and documents for greater efficiency, quality and customer service. With M-Files we were able to achieve this quickly," Heike Blodig, Vice President Quality & Compliance - Europe said.


The M-Files Solution

The First Test: Sales Orders

In 2020 the company initially implemented M-Files to streamline sales orders to include storing and processing incoming customer orders. Automated digital workflows now assign specific orders, order changes, and imports of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) orders to the respective sales offices, including inside sales managers. This process involves approximately 600 employees. M-Files helped transform a costly, paper-intensive business process into an almost paperless office that maximizes return on investment.

The status of individual tasks and any bottlenecks are now transparent, and exceptional situations such as employee absences are easier to manage. The M-Files Microsoft Office 365 add-in and the user-friendly interface of M-Files make it easy for TTI employees to incorporate the platform in their day-to-day business. The metadata-driven search function continually impresses users with its speed and accuracy.

Taking Document Management to the Next Level

Quality management is characterized by close international cooperation. Many documents are created and used globally at TTI. Since 2022, M-Files has provided TTI, Inc. - Europe with global and local processes, including the creation, modification, approval, and publication of all documents that need to be archived in an audit-proof, compliant manner that's not only used by the quality department, but also by all departments that rely on a document approval process. M-Files' strict version management capabilities, as well as the avoidance of duplicates benefit the company's operational success. Having a "single source of truth" increases reliability in the assembly process by generating defined parts lists (BOM production) for selected manufacturers and ensuring process reliability.

HQ Europe

"We needed more transparency and control over our processes, information and documents for greater efficiency, quality and customer service. With M-Files we were able to achieve this quickly."

Heike Blodig, Vice President Quality & Compliance - Europe

From "Let's go digital!" to "Let's go global!"

After using M-Files for four years, TTI, Inc. - Europe views the decision as a growing success story. TTI, Inc. North America (based in Fort Worth, Texas) and TTI Asia (Global Office in Singapore) will undergo a similar level of digital transformation in 2024, thanks to M-Files. A global document-control quality process, similar to what TTI, Inc. - Europe has, will be ready to be implemented, with additional processes set to launch for sales and product departments, including rebate, ESG, and end-use-certificate. Throughout the journey towards knowledge work automation, TTI embraced the concept that process and workflow efficiency is the foundation for future success and competitiveness worldwide.

Cloud and Managed Services Ensure Cost-Efficiency and Dedicated Support

TTI, Inc. - Europe opted for a modern deployment and uses M-Files as a cloud service, not only ensuring low costs by relieving IT administration of managing servers and systems, but also creating direct access to new, innovative product releases. In addition, the integration of international locations provides ease of use.

As part of the Managed Services contract, M-Files also offers support from dedicated specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the individual needs of TTI, Inc. - Europe and can implement adaptations and extensions quickly, securely, and efficiently without prior training.


The Results

TTI WHSE M Files DocuHub 2023

Today, more than 700 employees regularly use M-Files as a central platform for document-centric processes. M-Files manages millions of objects, such as customers and documents, and organizes information in the right context. Numerous business processes are now supported by corresponding workflows in M-Files.

As a result, departments already using M-Files have seen a marked increase in transparency within their workflows and processes. The departments are able to access a comprehensive information database that allows for different perspectives on the same data. Additionally, the use of M-Files has greatly reduced the need for paper, resulting in cost savings on printing and storage. Processing time for central quality assurance processes has been reduced by 66 percent and complaints and penalties during customs inspections are virtually eliminated since the necessary documents can be presented correctly.

"With its success in sales processes, customs clearance and quality management, M-Files has established itself as a central platform and further areas of application are on the horizon. The combination of cloud service and managed services ensures rapid implementation and significantly reduces our workload."

Heike Blodig, Vice President Quality & Compliance - Europe

Why M-Files?

M-Files is the leading platform for knowledge work automation. With the M-Files platform, knowledge workers can find information faster, work smarter, and achieve more. M-Files features an innovative metadata-driven architecture, embedded workflow engine, and advanced artificial intelligence. This enables customers to eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and automate security and compliance.