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Are your data agreements compliant?


Note: The following blog post originally appeared on the M-Files Ment website in late 2022—before the deadline of changes to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) went into effect. However, we’re featuring this post to help those who may still have questions or concerns about SCCs changes.

Changes to data protection regulations is an ever-evolving continuum across all continents. By offering superior capabilities in the arena of document automation, M-Files Ment helps make our clients data-protection compliance operations easier and more robust.

Legal Development

The first use case for M-Files Ment relates to data protection—and in particular the changes to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). The deadline to incorporate the new SCCs is getting closer was December 27, 2022—at which point the older version of the SCCs would no longer be effective. So, if you have a portfolio of Data Protection Agreements (DPAs) that you need to update, why not save some time and automate it?

Why Document Automation?

• Legal departments can provide non-lawyers within the business access to the automation so they can self-serve the appropriate DPA.
• Output is both consistent and includes the latest approved wording.
• Using a templatized questionnaire is much easier than manually entering information, decreasing the chance of errors.
• Further updates can be made simply and easily to the template. Once a law changes, you can make sure your templates account for that change from that day onwards.
• The documents that are generated can form an audit trail of agreements that have been created.

The first in particular is beneficial, especially in an in-house setting. Allowing the legal department to provide business users with access to the automation will create:

• Freed capacity for the legal department;
• Reassurance that all DPAs created contain the latest terms;
• An audit process encompassing all the DPAs that have been created;
• Assurance that any subsequent changes to the DPA can be made easily with minimum impact to those using it.

How M-Files Ment can help

M-Files Ment is a 100% visual no-code document platform that allows users to easily create and maintain their own templates. It has been designed by a lawyer for lawyers. Lawyers are empowered to automate their own templates quickly without the need for technical resource and with limited training (as little as 15 minutes).

Discover more

See M-⁠Files Ment in action. Contact us today to learn about the different platform capabilities and how they can benefit you.

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