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Partner Spotlight – Columbus


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Name & Job Title (of interviewee)

Global Solution Director Compliance & Business continuity

How long have you been an M-Files partner?

Columbus have been a partner since April 2013 celebrating 10 years as partner in April 2023

Why did you choose to become an M-Files Partner?

The product was a great fit for our offerings. Easy to use and easy to work with. The platform was very flexible and supported many different use cases that we felt matched our customers' needs. It was also important to us that it easily integrated with other business applications such as ERPs and CRMs. Also, we found the price fitting our market positioning well. We also had a good first experience in the dialogue with the people at M-Files and M-Files as a company.

How do you see the future of your partnership with M-Files?

We see a positive future with M-Files, both from a product perspective but also in the cooperation with M-Files as a company.  We are also looking forward to all the new developments of the product moving forward such as AI etc.

Do you target any specific industry or region? If so, which ones?

Manufacturing - Improving connectivity and collaboration between operational technology and information technology through personalization and configuration to meet customer demands.

Food, Beverage & Process - Transparency, traceability, and collaboration across the supply chain to ensure a granular MRP. Ensuring compliance in the highly regulated industry

Retail & Distribution - Deliver a unified customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

Empowering business teams to drive increased AOV and customer acquisition through “smart” leverage of end points, AI and automation.

Equipment, Rental & Lease - Empower your users and customers using our industry specific business apps (portals and apps)

What are the key/unique benefits you provide to customers?

Our experience in different verticals. Creating integrated solutions with other business critical systems focusing on the full picture and from a process perspective.

What do you like most about M-Files?

The personal relationship and the high partner focus with their engagement. We also appreciate the good product development, the flexible platform which gives us opportunities to develop and meet our customers' challenges on their digitalization journey.

About your company:

Columbus’s more than 1,600 employees worldwide are experts in designing, implementing, and maintaining business applications to help your business succeed in the digital age. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions from Microsoft, Infor, and other leading partners. We have more than 30 years of experience and have helped more than 2,500 customers modernize their businesses.

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