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CTOs of Tomorrow podcast explores the future of work and digital strategy 

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IT thought leaders uncover new ways to thrive in an evolving global workspace

At the risk of stating the obvious, remote work is here to stay. In fact, remote work has nearly transformed the workplace into a “new normal.”

According to a recent study by McKinsey, 58 percent of American workers have been offered the opportunity to work from home at least one day per week.

For tech-facing companies, remote work environments had already moved to mainstream over the past decade. However, CTOs today face fresh challenges as the remote space continues to grow at an exponential rate.

• Shortage of IT professionals in a high-demand market
• Scattered or fragmented document management processes
• Ineffective collaboration among IT workers spread around the world
• Security risks in a bring-your-own-device environment

CTOs of Tomorrow, a new and innovative podcast, will explore the future of remote work and tackle the trends, challenges, and opportunities that continue to evolve across the global virtual workspace.

Jonathan Desautels, Professional Services Sales Director at M-Files, will talk candidly with leaders in the CTO field to discover smarter ways to work in the changing remote environment. These leaders will be sharing powerful pro tips, best practices, and insights they’ve learned from their post-COVID digital experiences.

Episode 1

Jonathan welcomes Brad Nickle, CEO of The Strickland Group to dive deeper into digital transformation—specifically artificial intelligence, data management, virtual interactions, process automation, and data security.
“For those clients who have already implemented a digital transformation process, I think all of us have been surprised at the deliberation and freedom that has been provided by these systems to respond to changing business environments,” Brad said.

He adds:

“The addition of AI has made it even more seamless and more beneficial. It’s allowed companies that thrive in the midst of a workforce that’s naturally less focused on work due to current, worldwide disruptions in the fabric of our society … the digital worker may be less in tune as he’s working through the business and distracted. So, it’s helped unburden the workforce so that higher thinking can go on and be applied as necessary.”

Episode 2

Todd Duclos, Vice President of Marketing for Loyal Source Government Services, talks with Jonathan about the unique technological challenges faced by HR departments and discusses how to best take advantage of AI to meet those challenges, as well as how to nurture vibrant company culture in a virtual environment.

“The reason people are leaving companies is because companies have this Great Resignation [mindset] that started because your culture’s broken and people are tired of being told, ‘Grind through this … and at the end, you’ll be great,” Todd said. “And now, they’re kind of like, ‘Okay, it’s over and I’m still grinding and I’m still not happy.’”

Todd, on the future of the virtual workspace:

“I think you’ll start to see softer skills really rise, and people will start to really talk about how they’re able to communicate virtually, they’re able to manage people virtually, they’re able to understand culture virtually. You’ll start to see resumes and job descriptions start to be more like a global passport of the kinds of work you did and the projects you did and how you interacted, whether it was nationally or globally—companies are going to look for that more and more.”

Episode 3

Hanns-Christian Hanebeck, founder and CEO of Truckl, discusses the rise of autonomous supply chains, blockchain innovation, and improving collaboration with technology that promotes a smarter way to work.

On the topic of document management, Chris notes that what we typically think of as a document is rapidly changing:

“I think the nature of what a document is, is unraveling. We all kind of have an understanding of a document, but it’s going to be much more of a series of event records. Once it’s digital, it’s fluid, and once it’s on blockchain, it is also distributed and, and everywhere. It’s highly fascinating to see that now things like NFTs are playing into that, which I think will make a big difference in the supply chain down the road.”

Check out CTOs of Tomorrow wherever you download podcasts to catch up on the full episodes.

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