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Partner Spotlight – Maya Consulting


Official Partner company name


Name of the interviewee


Job title

General Manager - Founder


France and overseas departments

How long have you been a partner?

Over 5 years since M-Files was established in France

Why did you choose to partner with M-Files?

Maya Consulting was created in 2007 and its main activity is the integration of Business Intelligence solutions.
With more than 250 customers, Maya Consulting has a very strong position in France and in the Indian Ocean and West Indies regions.
Since the middle of 2010, we have been strongly solicited by our clients for dematerialization and document management issues.
At the time, we studied several solutions on the market and selected M-Files, which we had previously tested in our various subsidiaries.
We chose M-Files because of its ability to adapt to the various needs and specificities of our customers and prospects, and to be deployed in an agile and rapid manner.

Do you target any specific industry or application? If so, which ones?

Maya Consulting has clients in all sectors of activity (Health, Industry, Services, Local Authorities....) and for all types of companies (Large groups, SMEs, VSEs, etc.), and M-Files adapts to the needs of our clients' different departments.

What are the key/unique benefits you provide to customers?

The ability of our consultants to analyze and understand business needs and specificities.

Our development strength, which allows M-Files to be integrated into any information system.

Our position on all time zones allows an optimal coverage and reactivity.

Do you offer your own solution based on M-Files?

Maya Consulting has developed numerous connectors to business tools to facilitate the integration of M-Files into our customers' information systems (Chorus Pro, Sage, EBP, SAP, Qlik, etc.)

What do you like most about M-Files?

Quick and easy integration.

Ability to deploy in an agile manner.

Ability to adapt to all customer specific business processes.

Easy to learn for end users.

How do you see the future of your partnership with M-Files?

Consolidate the relationship of trust that we have built since M-Files arrived in France and continue to rely on M-Files' ability to adapt to the needs of this growing and highly competitive market.

Have you developed any specific modules or a specific expertise?

In addition to the business connectors mentioned above, we have completed our offering around M-Files with electronic capture and signature tools that are fully integrated into the solution.

More Information

For more than 15 years, Maya Consulting has relied exclusively on solutions from market-leading publishers. Thanks to this approach, our teams have been able to develop in-depth expertise and establish privileged relationships with our publisher partners. This approach allows us to offer our customers quality solutions and services to better meet their specific needs. Based in Metropolitan France, in the Indian Ocean area (Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar) and in the West Indies area (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana), our teams provide you with 24-hour dedicated support and follow-up of your project. Today, MAYA Consulting supports more than 200 clients in their document management, business process automation and decision-making analysis projects.


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