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Partner Spotlight – Electric Paper


Official Partner company name
Electric Paper Informationssysteme GmbH


Name of the interviewee
Lars Riemenschneider

Job title
Managing Director

How long have you been a partner?
Since 2015

Why did you choose to partner with M-Files?
Innovation, we liked the focus of the company, and simplicity of the application - in comparison to the many other offerings by competitors in the DE market.

Do you target any specific industry or application? If so, which ones?
Regulated industries with a need for QMS (Medical Devices, Pharma Ingredients, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing)

What are the key/unique benefits you provide to customers?
We provide an integrated offering with Capturing, Process Automation, Input and Output Management.
And we offer integration with M-Files Process Maps.

Do you offer your own solution based on M-Files?

What do you like most about M-Files?
What I like most is the flexibility of meta-data modelling and that you can enhance and optimize things over time. I like the power that it grants to users to create their own specific environment for their own specific use case.

Have you developed any specific modules or specific expertise?
We have provided the QR module which creates 2D barcodes from Views or Objects, and allows people to create queries or add entries into M-Files with your mobile phone. We have made this open source. It can be found in the M-Files solution Catalog.
We have also built the M-Files Process Maps add-on, which adds capabilities to M-Files.

One last comment: Simpler is better. You can learn M-Files core concepts in 20 minutes and then users are empowered to thrive in any situation they find themselves in.

More information: Electric Paper Informationssysteme GmbH is a provider of powerful solutions for workplace digitization. For more than 20 years, the company has emphasized the values of “People, Paper & Process” and ensures efficient collaboration across departmental and organizational boundaries. In the process, media discontinuities are overcome, the flood of paper usage is reduced, and a clean flow of data is ensured. Electric Paper has implemented over 1,000 projects for approximately 400 customers over that past 20 plus years.

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