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Partner Spotlight – EAG

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Official Partner company name



United States

Name & Job Title (of interviewee)

Lindsey Mersman, EVP & Chief Revenue Officer

How long have you been an M-Files partner?

5+ years

Why did you choose to become an M-Files Partner?

The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving, and EAG is proud to partner with M-Files to provide a solution that matches the industry’s demanding pace. M-Files is flexible, adaptable, and ensures that companies of all sizes and in all stages of their development can benefit from its readily available platform. As a Back-Office Outsourcing provider to oil and gas companies, EAG needed a robust and versatile document management and workflow solution to help integrate the approval processes across back-office applications, provide a centralized place for managing controls, and organizing documents. After evaluating several solutions, EAG determined M-Files was the best solution to fit both our needs internally, and our clients.

Would you recommend joining the M-Files Partner Program, and why?

Yes, EAG would recommend joining the M-Files Partner Program for consulting firms looking to build a content management implementation and support practice. Being a part of the M-Files Partner Program has been great for EAG. The M-Files team has provided EAG with robust training, collaboration, and innovation options throughout each year of our partnership.

Do you target any specific industry or region? If so, which ones?

Yes, the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors, manufacturing, engineering, energy services, and logistics industries. Regionally we work in the primary oil and gas regions of the United States which includes, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kansas, and Colorado.

What are the key/unique benefits you provide to customers?

M-Files benefits our clients by allowing customization based on how their businesses operate on a daily basis. It allows collaboration through the lifecycle of documents, no matter where the document is located, and provides an audit trail to meet compliance needs. In addition, EAG has built accelerators for key oil and gas business processes and integration to ERP systems allowing clients to get up and running quickly and fine tuning from there.

What do you like most about M-Files?

The “Google-Search” functionality as well as the workflow automation are two of my favorite capabilities. Unlike other document management systems, M-Files doesn’t use folders to house files, but instead OCR functionality, metadata and classification. Users have the ability to search for information either directly in the content, or by using the metadata associated with the content, to then retrieve a set of results. The workflow automation capability has been transformative for our back-office outsourcing clients. Processes like AP aging, AFE, financial approvals, land approvals, check request processes and more are all automated, freeing up resources to tackle more value-added projects and tasks. Before M-Files, teams had to manually scan documents, email them, which would then create a slew of off-system processes that caused delays, wasted paper, and drained valuable resources’ time. Now, our clients enjoy the centralized location of their documents, and easy, reliable, and consistent processes.

One last comment, fun story or quote:

Going through Audits can be a very painful process but because of the approval workflows EAG has built and the in-app tracking functionality, getting through annual audits for our clients is a breeze. It’s very user-friendly, and our auditors have view rights that enables them to be self-sufficient and pull required audit evidence – saving our operations teams from having to go through that process.

About your company:

EAG is a Houston-based, privately held consulting, back-office outsourcing, and IT outsourcing firm that delivers products and services to the energy, engineering, manufacturing, energy services, and transportation industries. EAG supports clients of all sizes and business models through every stage of their company lifecycle, and staffs’ industry professionals with deep functional and technical expertise. The company was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gerbel in 2003, and has become a trusted partner to energy companies and industry leading software vendors.


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