Partner Spotlight: DocSmart Solutions Ltd

Official partner company name

DocSmart Solutions Ltd


New Zealand

Name & Job Title

Treve Clayton, Director

How long have you been a partner?

10.5 years

Why did you choose to partner with M-Files?

In 2011 DocSmart was selling a New Zealand made document management system called Docsbox. But then the owner of Docsbox decided to stop selling the solution and close their product down. I was left searching for a high-quality document management product as a replacement and came across M-Files. Docsbox was a metadata-based system and it opened my eyes to the powerful possibilities of metadata for information management. So, when I learned about M-Files I was keen to try it out based on that same metadata approach. I quickly realized that M-Files was a far superior product because of the way it managed documents and provided a built-in workflow engine.

Do you target any specific industry or application? If so, which ones?

Not really, we are happy to implement M-Files solutions for organizations of any size or industry.

What are the key/unique benefits you provide to customers?

The ability for staff to locate and securely access the correct version of their documents, instantly, from anywhere. Customers get to see the context of information they’ve digitized and streamline document processes within a workflow. M-Files is an amazing system in its own, but when you compare it to the way staff were accessing information prior to M-Files, then it becomes a complete no-brainer that previous information management systems just weren’t the same. The normal, boring standard for any company should be that staff can find company information when they need it. However, most organizations around the world don’t have that basic ability to readily find whatever piece of data that they need. Most of them are completely in the dark when it comes to managing and utilizing information they currently have as a future asset. We fix that problem.

Do you offer your own solution based on M-Files?

No, DocSmart offers M-Files first for everything we do.

What do you like most about M-Files?

Where do I start? The metadata approach, enterprise search engine, AI, embedded UI, workflow, mobile apps, Hubshare – it really is an amazing product. About M-Files the company? We have always felt welcomed and like part of the family. When we started with M-Files, it was a much smaller company, so we formed close friendships with a number of senior staff. Some of them have moved on, but we still feel that an inclusive, family vibe runs through the company. Our main concern used to be that M-Files will become too corporate and lose its family feel. But so far, so good.

How do you see the future of your partnership with M-Files?

We are fully committed to M-Files and plan to increase our ARR every year. We will attend Partner conferences and continue to engage in all ways possible.

Have you developed any specific modules or a specific expertise?

We like QMS very much. We have developed an automated retention & disposal solution that meets the requirements of Archives New Zealand. We were the first content management solution to be pre-approved for New Zealand Government Agencies. We have won the APAC Partner of the Year award three times in the last four years.

One last comment…

“Every company in the world should have streamlined access to their information. Most don’t, but M-Files can provide this for organizations.”

More information: DocSmart are an M-Files Premier Reseller (the only one in New Zealand) and their goal is to help customers work smarter. They use their years of experience to show clients how to enhance their businesses with world-class, award-winning software.Their solutions allow their clients’ staff to securely access the correct information instantly – from anywhere. DocSmart are proud to be a Certified M-Files Delivery Partner. [email protected] or

Success stories :
Cancer Society of New Zealand
Real Estate Authority
E Tu Union
Clutha District Council

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