M-Files Partner Solutions Program Helps Partners Get to Market Quickly with Easily Customized M-Files Document Management System

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For valued-added resellers (VARs) and solution providers, the ability to quickly integrate a new solution into their existing portfolio and business is critical. They need to be able to market and sell their new and expanded offering(s) quickly, or risk losing out on sales opportunities in the pipeline. In order to make this happen, investments in development and training related to new product customization and integration must be minimized.

With this in mind, we’ve developed M-Files in such a manner that makes it easily customized for vertically-focused (or otherwise specialized) organizations who have specific document management needs or requirements (often based on industry regulations and compliance mandates). In addition to the traditional M-Files reseller program that has been in place for years, we’ve also recently created a new component to our partner program that helps vertically-focused partners create custom document management solutions based on the M-Files platform. Some of the key characteristics of this new component (referred to as the M-Files Partner Solutions program) are listed below:

  1. M-Files can be easily customized for vertically-focused companies (or for those that are specialized in some other manner).
  2. Partners have the option to co-brand (or even white label) M-Files.
  3. Cloud-based and on-premise versions are available. M-Files can also be sold as an MSP offering as well.
  4. We provide the technical resource to create a custom M-Files solution to fit the needs of our partners (and their customers) based on their expertise.
  5. We provide exclusivity for our partners in selling the specialized solution.
  6. We work with our partners to establish end-user pricing. Revenues are shared in a fair and just manner.
  7. There are no up-front development costs or investment required by the partner.
  8. We work quickly with our partners to deliver the solution to market – typically within 30 days of signing an agreement.

Interested in joining the M-Files Partner Solutions Program? It’s easy! Contact us today to learn how to supplement your offering with the powerful, yet easy-to-customize and integrate M-Files document management solution!

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M-Files dynamic content management solutions are revolutionizing the ECM market by transforming how businesses manage, secure and share information with a unique metadata-powered approach that organizes and processes content based on what it is, rather than where it resides. Thousands of businesses in over 100 countries use M-Files on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments to improve productivity and quality, and to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, including companies such as SAS, Elekta and EADS.

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