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We’re delighted to see our friends in the media taking the time to write about the launch of M-Files Cloud Vault.

First up, Ben Kepes, who contributes to GigaOm’s Structure blog, wrote a thorough review of Cloud Vault, concluding:

“M-Files is a nice halfway step for businesses wanting to be able to leverage the power of connected and aggregated data. Functionally it’s a nice fit for enterprise users who are accustomed to the Windows way of working – the pricing while at the upper end when compared to offerings like, is not completely out of the ballpark.”

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to see some enterprise-focused coverage of M-Files.

Meanwhile, over at CMSwire, David Roe has also been banging on Cloud Vault, after his earlier review of our integration of M-Files with MS Dynamics CRM. David rightly points out that there are other SaaS-based choices in the marketplace, but adds:

“So while Cloud Vault is a comprehensive and robust cloud-based document management software, there are others. However, times being what they are with a pricing of US$ 19.95 user/month or US$ 199.95 user/year combined with its functionality, Cloud Vault should be a real contender for SMB attention.”

And, across the pond, Paul Quigley at ECMPlus noted the trend of desktop document-management systems migrating to the cloud. Our own Greg Milliken couldn’t have said it better:

“We think it’s high time that mainstream Windows users had access to a smart and simple solution for managing important business documents,” said Greg Milliken, president of Motive Systems. “Our M-Files technology sets the standard in high-value document management, and M-Files Cloud Vault builds on our unrivaled foundation of ease of use by eliminating the need to purchase or set up a server. A key to a successful implementation of a solution like this is fast and broad user adoption, and that’s where we excel. Using M-Files is just like using Windows Explorer, so it’s second nature to be instantly productive with M-Files.”

About M-Files

M-Files dynamic content management solutions are revolutionizing the ECM market by transforming how businesses manage, secure and share information with a unique metadata-powered approach that organizes and processes content based on what it is, rather than where it resides. Thousands of businesses in over 100 countries use M-Files on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments to improve productivity and quality, and to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, including companies such as SAS, Elekta and EADS.

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