Make your contracts effective

Manage and control contracts digitally through their lifecycle, from creation to archival.

More solid business relationships

When contracts are printed out, or saved in network folders, it is a hassle to create new ones, negotiate them, or get them signed. It is also difficult to keep track of the agreed terms and expiration dates, and you might be wasting opportunities to make the contract work for your own interests. Here is where we can help.

Create from templates with no mistakes

Find contract templates in their most recent version and use automation to fill them with correct data (e.g. customer details, order number) pulled from your other tools (e.g. CRM, ERP).

Keep control during review and negotiation

Instead of sharing contracts back and forth via email, you can send the link to the latest version. People can give input without creating duplicates, and you keep a full history of edits and comments.

Electronic signature to keep things moving

We integrate with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and other eSignature solutions. No need to print contracts and pass them around. At the office or on the go, you can finalize contracts in a few clicks.

Enforce the terms of the contract

You can set up workflows to ensure the right person is notified when milestones, obligations, or issues need to be managed.

Renew or archive at the right time

M-Files will alert you when a contract is about to expire, so you can take appropriate action. If the contract needs to be archived, the right workflow will take care of it.

Lahden Talot Case Study

Our customer is processing about 1,000 leasing contracts a year, and they were doing that with a combination of paper files and network file folders. “The signing and processing of just one contract used to take over 30 minutes. Now this process has been automated with M-Files, which has significantly enhanced our productivity.

Explore product features

Want to know more about how M-Files manages contracts? Here are the features that make it all possible.

What the contract is about

M-Files labels contracts based on their content (customer, dates, project number, etc.), so that you can type in the search bar what you are looking for and get to it with one click.


Push contracts through digital workflows to get reviews, signatures, and to ensure archival of specific information. Send digital assignments and notification when action is needed.

Your contracts are safe

We encrypt your data, and thanks to permissions, you can control access to contracts depending on role, group, project, document type, and more.

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Access contracts anywhere

We make it so you can access the contracts you need at the office, at home, or anywhere work is done.

Microsoft 365

M-Files adds an intuitive way to introduce workflows, ensure safety and compliance, and connect with other business tools.

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Will it work for your tech stack?

With integrations, add-ins, and API we’re confident it will.

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