No more information silos

M-Files — from content chaos to efficiency and control


Efficiency and control for document-heavy work

M-Files gets information in front of the people who need it, when they need it, wherever they work – securely and efficiently. It no longer matters where something is stored – you just search for what it is you need. The M-Files data management platform also sets boundaries for how information is managed so that you can be sure it is secure and private, as well as aligned with your processes and workflows.

A single source of truth

It’s time to take control of your data. Wherever your content lies – even in other systems and archives – M-Files puts it in one view, connects it with your business processes, and makes it work for you.

Work with documents

Save and search documents anywhere, edit them and record version history.

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Collaborate and share

Co-author documents, share documents securely, or keep track of tasks and assignments – wherever you work.

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Digitize the business

Take your business from paper to digital or automate workflows and business processes for improved efficiency.

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What our customers say

“M-Files was identified as the perfect fit as it unifies content without disturbing existing systems or requiring data migration.”

Kristin McIntosh
Project Research Officer, Newark & Sherwood Homes