Build solid relationships with your clients

Instantly access client and job files without worrying that they might get duplicated or lost.

Give your staff and clients peace of mind

Every client means loads of documents — proposals, agreements, Know Your Client documentation, reports, orders, correspondence. When all of them are saved in different places as multiple versions, it’s a challenge for your staff to find the information they need to do their job. And it’s worrying for your customers to know their information is being mismanaged.
We have the solution.

Client Document Management

We help companies manage client documents and automate key client processes.

A single view of the entire client relationship

We eliminate service line siloes and give you a single point of access where all information about clients is organized, safely stored, and accessed. With just a click, you can view the entire client relationship and everything you need to add more value.

Automate manual processes

With M-Files, you can standardize critical customer touch points like onboarding, KYC procedures, and contract management. Automation and consistency reduce errors and wait times, so you can reassign resources to serve your customers.

Show clients you can handle their data

Your customers' data is protected by encryption and flexible access permissions. And by tracking what happens to documents at all stages, we enable you to prove you're following the right processes to protect your reputation.

How Consulting Firms Can Create a Competitive Client Experience with Intelligent Information Management

Customer expectations have changed dramatically: customers demand seamless, convenient, and affordable services that are enabled by sophisticated and user-friendly technology. Find out four ways M-Files contributes to a positive customer experience.

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Our Customers

We help companies worldwide with document management

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Will it work for your tech stack?

With integrations, add-ins, and API we’re confident it will.

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