Microsoft Outlook – not just your Inbox

Integrate information management with Outlook

Combine the familiar user experience of Outlook with powerful information management tools to create a work hub that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Ease of access with control over content

Using Outlook folders for document management does not support you in providing an integrated view to all content — the data is siloed, hard to find, and inaccessible to those who need it.

The M-Files Outlook Add-ins ensure that no matter how email-driven your day-to-day work is, the content that matters the most gets the full treatment of ease of access, permissions, and workflow. The Outlook Add-ins can help you save documents to M-Files for automatic processing and access control to make sure no contract or official piece of information is left in an inbox for no one to find. We can also give you direct access to your M-Files information from within Outlook, so no application switching is necessary.

Standard Outlook Add-in

Pre-packaged in M-Files, the Standard Outlook Add-in is designed to help you get emails and attachments into M-Files. Files can be found correctly labelled with the rest of your information, in the right context, with the right permissions, in the suitable workflow.

Advanced Outlook Add-in

The Advanced Outlook Add-in for M-Files brings a powerful set of information management tools into the familiar Outlook user interface. You no longer have to switch between applications and slow your work — it is all available through Outlook.

Working with Outlook and want to learn more?

Talk to our experts to learn how to make your content easier to find and access, while still working in Outlook.

Standard Outlook Add-in

Don’t leave key information in the “deal with later” folder.


Save emails to M-Files by simply dragging and dropping either the whole email or attached files to M-Files folders directly within the Outlook interface.

Detect duplicates

To eliminate saving the same information multiple times, the standard integration can detect whether an email has already been saved into M-Files and warn the user.

Automate tagging

M-Files can automatically detect customers and contact people from the email headers to make filing quick and easy for anyone.

Advanced Outlook Add-in

Don’t disrupt routines that already work


With the Advanced Outlook Add-in you can intelligently save your emails in seconds. Quick file documents or attachments with intelligent metadata suggestions to remove manual labor and tagging errors.


M-Files becomes your centralized location for all your emails helping you find key information faster by storing them based on their context. Additionally, we provide a seamless way to file correspondence from key stakeholders by capturing entire email threads as conversation in M-Files.


With a 360-degree view of your day-to-day documents and content directly from your Outlook, you can make faster and better-informed decisions without constantly changing applications.

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