M-Files Named to KMWorld’s AI 100 List for 2024

M-Files Knowledge Work Automation Platform Recognized for Providing Superior AI Capabilities and Experiences

AUSTIN, Texas – July 12, 2024 M-Files, the leader in knowledge work automation, today announced that the company has been named to the KMWorld AI 100 list for 2024, showcasing innovative knowledge management vendors that are infusing their offerings with AI and related technologies.  M-Files is recognized for revolutionizing the way knowledge workers perform by automating processes that previously required human interaction and providing industry-leading generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technology, M-Files Aino.

The emergence of GenAI has propelled knowledge work into a new age of innovation and advancement. M-Files is leading this transformation with its knowledge work automation platform that enables organizations to efficiently draw insights using GenAI, achieve accurate results through automated governance and context, and leverage AI to organize data automatically.

With M-Files' GenAI assistant, M-Files Aino, knowledge workers operationally profit from advanced GenAI capabilities while keeping their data safe. It facilitates seamless understanding of information within M-Files’ knowledge work automation platform using Large Language Models (LLMS). M-Files Aino enables real-time, context-aware assistance to process vast amounts of information quickly, get answers to complex questions, and arrive at conclusions faster. Its multilingual capabilities support global enterprises by summarizing documents and answering questions in any language, and then saving these insights as searchable metadata. With the highest standards of data security and regulatory compliance, M-Files Aino ensures that all interactions are protected and governed by organizational policies.

M-Files' metadata foundation advances AI experiences with connectivity, confidentiality, and curation capabilities. The platform seamlessly integrates data from major storage systems and software solutions, automatically classifying it to provide AI with the high-quality data inputs necessary to drive real value. M-Files enhances information security by ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive data, utilizing advanced metadata tagging for granular access controls. Additionally, all documents in M-Files are classified and placed in context so that AI accesses exactly the right version. By placing content in context and automating version control and content governance, M-Files enhances search capabilities and improves AI's accuracy compared to traditional methods.

"Being named to KMWorld's AI 100 list is a proud moment for M-Files,” said Antti Nivala, founder and CEO, M-Files. “This accolade underscores our mission to transform raw data into knowledge by leveraging cutting-edge AI. Our GenAI and knowledge work automation capabilities don't just automate mundane tasks—they uncover business-critical information and empower employees to engage in more strategic, impactful work, driving smarter decision-making and giving companies a significant competitive edge."

"It’s easy to become overwhelmed, even awestruck, at the amount of information about AI, particularly GenAI, thrown at us on a daily basis,” said Marydee Ojala, KMWorld editor-in-chief. “The ability of AI technologies to process vast amounts of data, recognize patterns that humans can’t see, and generate new knowledge and insights boggles the imagination. We at KMWorld are excited about the potential of AI to provide innovative KM solutions across the entire enterprise."

KMWorld’s AI 100 list is featured in the July/August 2024 issue of KMWorld Magazine in print and online.

For more information on how M-Files is unlocking the value of knowledge work, visit: https://www.m-files.com/

About M-Files
M-Files is the leading platform for knowledge work automation. With the M-Files platform, knowledge workers can find information faster, work smarter, and achieve more. M-Files features an innovative metadata-driven architecture, embedded workflow engine, and advanced artificial intelligence. This enables customers to eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and automate security and compliance. For more information, visit www.m-files.com.

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