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Manage information more effectively with ECM software

Organizations today rely on data to deliver business intelligence, identify opportunities, automate processes and drive business performance. Yet companies are often so inundated with diverse content from a variety of systems and repositories that employees have trouble finding the information they need, let alone using it for business advantage.

Enterprise content management software, or ECM software, can help organizations take control of their documents and data by making it easier to organize, store, secure, maintain and analyze information. Superior ECM systems can automate workflows that allow employees to be more efficient while simplifying compliance with rules and regulations.

M-Files offers an intelligent information management system with powerful ECM software. By making it easier to find, access and share the right documents with the right people at the right time, M-Files helps to tame the chaos of information management while extracting more value from content throughout the enterprise.

ECM that truly connects your business

Connect all your enterprise content and support your business workflows with M-Files.

The obstacles to managing enterprise content

Any enterprise content management system must provide businesses with solutions to several critical information management obstacles.

The sheer volume of business documents

Each day, the business world creates volumes of documents equal to 250,000 libraries of Congress1. The number of records that organizations must organize and manage make it difficult to secure documents and make them easily available for workflows.

Finding the right document

Information workers average more than two hours each day searching for the documents they need2. Superior ECM software can recoup this lost time by providing instant access to any document in any location.

Large amounts of unstructured data

Unstructured data – from documents and email to images and presentations – contain invaluable business insight. But these documents can’t be easily searched, categorized and secured, making it harder to take advantage of the business intelligence they may offer.

Inaccessible and unknown information

Of all the information in data repositories, more than half is considered to be “dark data.”3 The content in these documents is unknown and uncategorized, rendering it essentially useless to the organization. Dark data represents a significant cost both in terms of the expense of storing it as well as the lost opportunity to gain insight from it.

Regulatory compliance headaches

Many industries have strict regulations governing the storage and use of documents containing sensitive data. As the volume of documents under an organization’s purview continues to grow, managing and demonstrating compliance becomes increasingly difficult.

M-Files: intelligent ECM software

M-Files is a next-generation intelligent information management platform that offers superior ECM software. By making it easy for employees to access relevant, current and accurate documents no matter where they’re stored, M-Files helps to eliminate wasted time, minimize frustration and reduce business risk.

M-Files AI-powered ECM solution connects all an organization’s documents and information across all platforms and repositories, analyzing them to assign metadata to each file and to place it in context. Rather than requiring a migration to a central repository, M-Files creates connections to each document within whatever system, platform or application it currently resides. As a result, M-Files can provide a single view of all documents throughout the company and organizes documents based on what they contain, rather than where they are stored. This approach lets workers find documents in seconds by simply entering a bit of information about what they’re looking for in the M-Files search bar.

Additionally, M-Files secures each document with encryption and dynamic user permissions. And automated workflows help to simplify document-intensive tasks to minimize human error, streamline processes and keep timelines on track.


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The benefits of ECM technology from M-Files

M-Files’ ECM software offers a wealth of benefits for organizations and knowledge workers.

Faster access to documents

All information can be found in context, searching on what a document is about rather than where it is stored. Workers can simply type in what they’re looking for and connect with the information they need in just a few clicks.

Elimination of data silos

M-Files lets you create a single view to all content, regardless of the system or repository where it is stored or typically viewed.

One authoritative copy of each document

M-Files stores a single copy of each document so users never have to wonder if they’re working with the most recent version.

The ease-of-use

M-Files is accessible via a desktop, web or mobile client. Virtual folders provide an instantly familiar user experience.

Support for all documents

You can manage all types of documents and data with M-Files, including email content.

Anytime, anywhere access

Access documents via M-Files with any device, from any location, at any time. M-Files can even be accessed off-line when there is no access to the Internet.

Flexible deployment

Deploy M-Files in the cloud, on premises or as a hybrid solution.

Streamline workflows

M-Files’ ECM system employs workflow automation to push documents through digital workflows, manage reviews and signatures and to ensure that specific information is retained.

Streamline collaboration with M-Files

M-Files puts an end to the practice of emailing attachments back and forth, which inevitably creates confusion, duplicates and problems with version control. To simplify collaboration, M-Files keeps one copy of a document and provides access to it via a link.

Collaborate in real-time

Colleagues inside and outside the organization can collaborate on the same document, simultaneously reviewing, editing and annotating.

Keep documents secure

M-Files uses automatic permissions to ensure that the right people have access to the right content.

Save files automatically

M-Files’ co-authoring feature automatically saves changes, creating a new version upon check-out and check-in operations.

Save files anywhere

Documents in M-Files can be automatically saved in any location such as OneDrive or SharePoint.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster Search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why choose M-Files’ ECM solution?

M-Files makes it easier to manage content and information more effectively in a digital workplace. By organizing files based on what they are rather than where they are located, M-Files breaks down data silos and makes information instantly available no matter what system or repository it is stored in. By automating and streamlining information management, M-Files enables companies to stay focused on their core business.

M-Files integrates easily with existing technology, allowing workers to continue using their preferred tools to access documents via M-Files. Solution templates and best practices for multiple use cases make it easy to build intelligent information management solutions quickly and easily. Third-party add-ins extend M-Files’ capabilities, and APIs make it possible to connect to existing systems.