Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Dynamic, federated enterprise content management to support your whole business

ECM that truly connects your content

Connect all your enterprise content and support your business workflows with M-Files. To us, it’s about helping you connect your business intelligently regardless of where information is originally stored — the ECM solution, your CRM or ERP, network folders, SharePoint, or any other system or application. And even more, it’s about helping you do it all with the daily tools you’re familiar with, using them as your user interface for enterprise content management.

One system to rule them all

The key to M-Files is simply to think about what, rather than where. No need to worry about where something is stored, you simply need to know what it is. All information is available and connected and aligned with your business processes and workflows. No more silos — just a single source of truth — anywhere you work.

Break the constraints of a single repository

Get access to all your data systems and document repositories on day one and start managing your information efficiently, without the need for a massive data migration. Realize an immediate return on investment by allowing your workforce to stay efficient from the get-go.

Access your business data and documents anywhere

M-Files connects your business data and documents across all different systems, applications, and document archives into a single view accessible via the desktop client, the web browser, or the mobile application — wherever you work.

Work with your daily tools

ECM no longer needs to be a silo to store and manage your documents and related workflows in one place. With M-Files, you can make it the hub for managing content, directly from your daily tools, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams or Outlook, Google Workspace, etc.

Enterprise content management — the way you always wanted it

M-Files is built on three cornerstones. It is metadata-driven, system and repository neutral, and intelligent, providing you the full-blown efficiency of a true federated solution. You can intelligently connect content regardless of where it’s stored, or how it’s accessed, improve workforce efficiency with automation, and solve complex business workflows. We refer to it as Intelligent Information Management.

Are you ready to enter the new era of ECM?

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How you benefit from M-Files enterprise content management?

Harness the power of information and let it work for you.

Use a single version

No more email attachments, or duplicate content in different archives. With M-Files, everyone works with the one single version available in the right context.

Ensure traceability

Everyone works with the latest document version, and the history of changes is stored automatically. You can always trace and restore documents back to an earlier version.

Discover business-critical data

Let M-Files crawl into your legacy archives and recognize patterns in data, surface relevant files for improved visibility and add workflows to manage business-critical data.

Provide easy access

In M-Files, content is automatically accessible to the right people and the right people only. Access rights can be defined by a variety of criteria like role, department, project, workflow state… virtually anything.

Tag to organize

M-Files organizes content based on what it is rather than where it is. Documents are tagged to describe the content: which document type, to which customer and case it relates to, who owns the content and when does it expire.

Automate workflows

Add workflows to your documents and ensure they are treated correctly throughout the lifecycle of the document — from content creation, through commenting and approval, and final retention and archival.

Easy for administrators

In addition to connecting your end users with the right content, M-Files also provides easy efficiency to your IT staff managing software.

Always up to date

M-Files comes with regular automatic updates. Your IT staff can focus on supporting the business rather than manually updating software.

Cloud, on premises or hybrid

Deploy M-Files in the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid solution. Take the best of both and optimize cloud-based collaboration with investments in on-premises architecture.

Metadata-driven user and access rights

Managing user rights in a complex, hierarchical structure can be a nightmare. Automated role-based user rights to the rescue.

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