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Achieve greater efficiency with an ECM solution

As more employees work remotely or work from home, businesses need solutions that can enable workers to remain productive and efficient. Providing access to relevant data and documents while employees are outside the office is essential.

A superior enterprise content management solution, or ECM solution, can help employees to access the documents they need quickly and securely. The right ECM system can also ensure that workflows proceed at pace while providing a productive experience when collaborating with customers remotely.

As a leading intelligent information management platform, M-Files offers an ECM solution that makes it easy to connect to any document – at any time, from anywhere, on any device. With M-Files, you can serve up the right information to the right people while automating document-driven business processes and maintaining complete compliance and control of information.

ECM that truly connects your business

Connect all your enterprise content and support your business workflows with M-Files.

The challenge of remote work

An enterprise content management system must solve several critical challenges that are common for a remote knowledge workforce.

Efficient access to documents

Even when in the office, workers may spend up to 30% of their day searching for the right information1. The amount of time spent trying to access information can be even greater for a remote workforce.

A single version of the truth

While version control is difficult in any situation, it’s an even greater challenge when employees are outside the office. When documents are emailed back and forth, workers have difficulty determining which is the latest and most up-to-date version of a given document.

An exceptional customer experience

When workers can’t access documents or don’t have a single version of the truth, it can cause misunderstandings about the status of customer projects, inevitably causing the customer experience to suffer.

Document security

When employees don’t have the tools they need to access documents efficiently, they often resort to personal filesharing services and other forms of shadow IT. An ECM solution must make it easy for workers to securely access sensitive documents and data.

Mobile access

Because security on mobile devices is a serious issue, many companies restrict mobile access to certain documents. Yet the inability to access documents while outside the office or on the road can be a significant drain on productivity.

M-Files delivers a leading ECM solution

M-Files provides an intelligent information management solution that solves all the challenges of accessing information while working remotely or from home.

Immediate access to all data – without migration

Rather than mandating a migration of data and documents to a central repository, M-Files simply creates connections to existing documents no matter where they are stored. Files can remain in their current locations in SharePoint, network folders, OneDrive, filesharing services, CRM systems or other business systems or repositories. M-Files’ AI-powered technology finds files and tags them with metadata that makes them easy for workers to find in seconds.

One version of each document

With M-Files, there’s always just one single, valid version of any document. Employees can access it via a link that they can also share with collaborators inside or outside the organization.

Enterprise-grade security measures

M-Files protect documents with enterprise-grade encryption and with role-based permissions that ensure only the right people have access to any given document.

Access and edit documents on mobile devices

M-Files’ mobile client allows users to access, edit and even sign any document on a smart phone or tablet.

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What you can do with M-Files

Find documents fast

With M-Files, you don’t need to know where a document is stored. Rather, you can simply enter a bit of information about the information you’re looking for and get connected to the document you need in seconds.

Automate workflows

M-Files’ ECM solution automatically guides documents through workflows with greater efficiency and precision. Metadata guides the document through various workflow stages and is automatically updated as the document moves from being drafted to reviewed, commented upon, and finally approved and signed. M-Files can also function as BPM software, helping to optimize document-related business processes.

Break down data silos

Most companies have an average of four content management or ECM systems2, making it hard to know where to find information fast. M-Files connects to documents no matter where they reside to provide a single view of all content, effectively breaking down data silos and providing a 360° view of information.

Streamline collaboration

Multiple users can access, edit and annotate documents simultaneously. Workers can share documents easily by simply providing a link, and users may access files with a desktop, web or mobile client.

Keeping your data secure

M-Files’ ECM tools provide more control over documents and processes to keep sensitive information secure, even when employees are working remotely.

Access control

M-Files provides full control over who can access information at any stage of a process. Access automatically changes when people leave the organization or move into new roles.

Encrypted files

M-Files encrypts network communications between M-Files clients and M-Files server via HTTPS, RPC, VPN or IPSec. Data at rest is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.

Policy enforcement

M-Files’ ECM solution ensures visibility on whether files are used in accordance with company policy and regulatory requirements.

Audit trails

With just a few clicks, you can access audit trails that show what happened with a document.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.


You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

Why choose M-Files’ ECM solution?

M-Files’ ECM solution makes it easier for today’s digital workforce to find, access and share the right documents. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, M-Files finds and labels documents no matter where they’re stored or in what format, accelerating document searches, automating information-driven business processes and ensuring compliance with policy and regulation.

Standard integrations and APIs make it possible for workers to continue using their preferred daily tools to access documents via M-Files, rather than having to learn a new platform. Solution templates let companies build intelligent information management solutions easily, without starting from scratch. Third-party add-ins make it easy to customize M-Files and extend its capabilities. And because the M-Files platform is highly configurable, it can be easily customized to support specific use cases and requirements.

M-Files is a cloud-ready solution and can be deployed in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid solution that offers an optimal mix of efficiency and control.


What is an ECM solution?

An enterprise content management solution, or ECM solution, provides tools for efficiently and securely managing a wide range of documents and unstructured data such as video files, social media content and email. With the right ECM solution, workers can find any document they need within seconds, collaborate securely with people inside and outside the organization, maintain a single version of the truth and streamline document-based workflows.

What are the challenges of enterprise content management?

ECM solutions must overcome several challenges to make it easier for workers to find, access, and share information. A superior ECM solution must provide access to content no matter where it is stored, across all platforms, repositories, and geographic locations. An ECM system must keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands via a breach or leak. And ECM technology should automate many of the tasks related to document-intensive workflows.

What is a DMS vs. ECM solution?

A document management system, or DMS, is primarily concerned with managing and securing documents. An enterprise content management solution, or ECM solution, manages documents but also organizes and secures other forms of unstructured data such as websites, social media content, video files, audio recordings, presentations, spreadsheets and more.


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