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Enable the digital workplace with M-Files

As digital technologies continue to transform the business world, the vision of a truly digital workplace is quickly becoming a reality. Physical offices and paper-based processes are being replaced by remote workforces and work-from-home employees as well as digital documents, workflows, and communications.

To support a digital workplace, companies need superior collaboration solutions and systems for managing digital documents. The way that information is stored, managed, and shared is key to efficiency and productivity in a digital environment.

For organizations that are ready to make a fuller transition to the digital workplace, M-Files provides an intelligent information management platform that makes information easier to find, automates processes, enhances collaboration, and minimizes business risk.

Collaborate and share

See how M-Files enables efficient information sharing and collaboration.

The critical components of a digital workplace

Managing a digital workplace requires an intelligent information management solution with three critical properties.


As a relic of the paper era, the old folder-based paradigm for storing information is simply unworkable in a digital workplace. Rather than storing and searching for information based on where it is stored, workers today need the ability to search for information based on what they’re looking for. A metadata-driven information management system tags every document with metadata about what the file contains, who created it, what workflow it’s part of, and other pertinent information. Using a metadata approach, employees can find files within seconds no matter where it is stored, rather than spending minutes or hours searching for files in various folders, systems, or repositories.


Information management technology must enable the free flow of information anywhere in the organization. It must also allow workers to securely share information with clients, partners, vendors, and other outside entities. That means that any system for creating and storing documents must be system neutral. Documents should be available and accessible from any system, using any device, at anytime.


To make the digital workplace easier, superior document management technology should leverage artificial intelligence to help streamline the process of managing information, ensuring consistency, and enforcing compliance across an organization. The right solutions will use AI-enabled technology to eliminate data silos, find documents anywhere in the organization, and analyze files to extract more value and insight from them.

M-Files: intelligent information management

M-Files is an AI-powered intelligent information management solution that enables a faster transition to the digital workplace. As a document management solution, M-Files makes it easy to find, access, and share information, no matter where it resides. As a collaboration tool, M-Files enables workers to easily collaborate on digital documents without worrying about duplicates, multiple versions, or security. And as a workflow automation technology, M-Files streamlines business processes to eliminate human error, increase efficiency, and ensure that documents are managed according to company policy and regulatory requirements.

A unified view of data

M-Files automatically identifies, analyzes, and tags documents with metadata that makes it easier to search for and find documents within seconds. Rather than migrating documents to a centralized repository, M-Files creates connections to documents wherever they exist, across all platforms and repositories, without disturbing underlying systems and processes. The result is a single view of all documents that can be filtered to find, for example, all documents related to a client, all contracts about to expire, or all correspondence concerning a project.

Access documents from anywhere, on any device

M-Files supports the digital workplace by enabling employees to access any document from any location, no matter what device they’re using. With M-Files, workers can access, edit, review, approve, and sign documents on their mobile phones or tablets, enabling business processes to continue on schedule and allowing employees to get work done from anywhere.

An intelligent information management solution that plays well with others

M-Files can be easily integrated into common applications, systems, and productivity suites. This feature allows workers to continue using their favorite tools as they take advantage of M-Files’ technology, rather than having to learn a new platform or switch to a new tool when they want to search for information.

2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

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Benefits for the digital workplace

M-Files offers a host of benefits for the digital workplace.

Easier collaboration

M-Files’ collaboration software makes it easy to share documents with others and to review and edit them simultaneously. Rather than emailing attachments back and forth, M-Files establishes a single, authoritative version of each document and provides a link through which any authorized user can access it. Users can edit, comment, and annotate documents simultaneously.

Secure information sharing

M-Files’ client portal software enables organizations to create secure client portals where customers, partners, and vendors can access all the information they need 24/7. M-Files’ client portals can be easily customized, branded, and personalized for the needs of individual clients. Customers can use their portal to access documents, processes, people, and conversations that help to deliver a superior customer experience.

Enhanced security

M-Files uses encryption to protect files in transit and at rest. Metadata-driven user access rights ensure that only the right people have access to documents.

Managing digital business processes

M-Files powers the digital workplace by enabling and automating digital processes.

Digitizing paper documents

M-Files makes it easier to convert paper documents to searchable PDFs that can be stored, organized, searched, managed, and quickly retrieved.

Automated workflows

With M-Files Workflow engine, you can design custom workflows that automate document-intensive processes. Metadata helps to guide each document through the correct process accurately and efficiently.

Automatic assignments, reminders, and notifications

M-Files can issue automatic notifications based on specific events and alert team members when their input or action is required.

Support business improvement management

M-Files lets you keep an eye on where and when projects get stuck, empowering you to take action to improve processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster Search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why choose M-Files for the digital workplace?

In today’s digital workplace, M-Files makes information easier to find, access and share, no matter where it is stored or in what format. The M-Files Mobile Client allows users to access information anywhere, at any time, on virtually any device. And integrations and APIs ensure that workers can use M-Files with their favorite daily tools rather than needing to learn a new platform or switch to a new tool when searching for information.

As a cloud-ready solution, M-Files can be deployed in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid solution that provides greater control and flexibility. M-Files is highly configurable and can be easily customized to the needs of specific companies and use cases. Solution templates promote best practices for multiple use cases across a variety of industries. And third-party add-ins offer even more capabilities for visualizing, editing, and organizing data. It’s no wonder that M-Files is the choice of thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide.