Anywhere you prefer

Work from anywhere and access every document you need to keep work moving forward.

Remote work can be easy

It’s more than working from home. The airport, the hotel, a coffee shop, client locations. People spend more time working from anywhere but the office. You can’t afford for work to stop because they can’t access a document – or because they need to print and pass around a proposal for approval. We make the transition to work from anywhere easy.

How M-Files can help

Access documents anywhere

It doesn’t matter where documents are saved, we give you access to the information you need to do your work. At the office, at home, at the customer’s site, or anywhere work is done.

Get things done with automation

If you are not at the office, you still need to be able to get approvals, signatures, and keep track of what happens and when. We make your processes digital, so that manual tasks and physical hand-offs are no longer needed.

Your documents are safe

We encrypt your data, and thanks to permissions, you can control access to documents depending on role, group, project, document type, and any other criteria that makes sense to your organization.

What our customers say

“As many other companies, our customer had to rapidly transition to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic: “When we told everyone they had to start working from home, having our document management cloud-based really made the transition seamless.”

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Client Document Management

Enable your staff to focus on servicing your customers, instead of having them dig for lost documents and emails.

Contract Management

From the first draft to archiving, every stage can be managed remotely and tracked for future audits.

Our Customers

We help companies worldwide work from anywhere

We make the transition easy

M-Files works well with most popular tools, so you can make the most of them even when working from anywhere.



Make sure no contract or report is left in an inbox for no one to find.



With one click, save emails and attachments to M-Files for long-term retention.



Add a layer of information governance and collaborate with ease in MS Teams.

Will it work for your tech stack?

With integrations, add-ins, and API we are confident it will.