Compliance management solution

A compliance management solution can improve document control

For companies that operate in highly regulated industries, managing information, data, and documents is a critical part of achieving compliance. Yet enterprise data management can be an enormously complex and confusing task. And when you consider that many companies still rely on manual processes for routing, filing and organizing compliance-critical documents, it’s easy to see how overwhelming the task of correctly handling documents can be.

A superior compliance management solution can help companies avoid the crippling fines and liability issues that result from noncompliance with data and file management requirements. The right compliance management technology can automatically enforce policies, secure documents and ensure that files are created, stored, used, and retained in ways that comply with company guidelines and regulatory requirements.

As a next-generation intelligent information management platform, M-Files offers a compliance management solution that dramatically simplifies document management and enterprise risk management. With M-Files, companies can manage documents easily, automate critical processes and keep information secured and controlled.

More control over documents and processes

Keep your data secure and enforce policies throughout the organization with M-Files.

M-Files: a smarter way to manage documents

M-Files is an AI-enabled platform that offers a smarter way to manage documents, content and compliance within a regulatory framework.

In contrast to other enterprise content management systems, M-Files organizes documents by what they are rather than where they are located. M-Files creates connections to all documents within an organization no matter where they reside, and assigns metadata that makes the documents easier to find and use. A record’s metadata may contain information about what’s in the document, who created it, what client or project it pertains to and what should happen to it next.

In M-Files, metadata makes it possible for users to find the information they need by simply typing a few words about what they’re looking for into the M-Files search bar. They no longer need to remember how a file was named or where it was stored. With M-Files, workers can find any document or group of documents within seconds. M-Files’ AI-enabled technology can even crawl existing repositories and legacy archives to surface relevant documents, analyze their content and automatically assign metadata that makes them easy to find and visible to all authorized users. Impressively, M-Files does all this without requiring documents to be migrated to a central repository. Instead, M-Files connects to documents no matter where they live – in network folders, SharePoint, CRM systems, cloud storage or other business systems – to provide a central and unified view of information within an organization.

Managing documents for easier compliance

M-Files’ metadata-driven approach to organizing documents makes it an ideal compliance management solution. M-Files offers several capabilities that help organizations in highly regulated or document-intensive areas like legal document management to simplify compliance while protecting documents from theft, breach, leaks, or inadvertent exposure.

Automated workflows

Many documents are part of standard workflows that include creation, review, edits, approval, and signature. Documents like signed contracts may become part of a workflow that ensures certain stipulations and agreements in the contract are acted on. M-Files can automate these workflows to ensure that every step of the process is executed properly and that documents and processes are handled in compliance with company guidelines and regulatory requirements. Using a document’s metadata, M-Files can automatically guide each document to the next stage in a workflow, communicate with relevant parties about required actions, issue reminders when necessary and document every step along the way.

Dynamic permissions

M-Files uses strict permissions to govern who has access to any document. Access permissions can be controlled by user, group, role, and any metadata property.

Full audit trails

As a compliance management solution, M-Files can easily produce an audit trail for every document that reveals who has accessed it and what actions they took with it.

Risk management solutions

M-Files reveals all the content that exists within an organization, providing the operational oversight required to determine risk. M-Files provides transparency across departments and reduces information silos to give organizations a better understanding of the documents under their control and the risk they represent.

Leveraging Information Management to Improve Quality Systems and Processes

See how M-Files improves compliance-related activities and significantly improve quality systems and processes.

Features of the M-Files platform

In addition to serving as a compliance management solution, M-Files offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that make it one of the most powerful information management platforms on the market.

Information at workers’ fingertips

With M-Files, users can find any file quickly and easily, putting an end to fruitless hours of searching for information each day or replicating files that can’t be located.

Mobile access

M-Files can be accessed via a desktop, web or mobile client, making it easy for work-from-home employees and remote workforces to access the information they need to get work done.

One copy of each document

M-Files puts an end to versioning nightmares created by employees who constantly send email attachments back and forth. With M-Files, there is just one authoritative copy of a document, which employees, partners, customers and other collaborators can access via a secure link.

Easy co-authoring

Multiple users can co-author files easily, simultaneously editing, annotating or commenting on documents.

Familiar tools

Workers can use their favorite daily tools such as Microsoft Teams or Salesforce to manage their documents in M-Files.

How M-Files keeps your data safe

M-Files provides enterprise-level protection to guarantee the security and privacy of documents and data.


M-Files encrypts network files while they’re being transmitted over a network and while they are at rest in storage, preventing unauthorized access to information.

Access rights

M-Files employs dynamic access rights based on document type, project, case or workflow state of the document. Access rights can be determined by roles and workgroups as well. Permissions change automatically when there are changes in the organization or workgroups.

Print and download protection

Printing and downloading of documents can be disabled, as can screenshots from a mobile application.

Automatic audit trail

M-Files’ compliance management solution automatically preserves older versions of a document, making it easy to revert to a previous version when necessary. Check-in and check-out functions keep track of when a document is being edited and who is making changes, creating a seamless audit trail for the lifecycle of document.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster Search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why make M-Files your compliance management solution?

M-Files is the ideal platform for everything from accounting and law firm document management to enterprise content management for companies in other highly regulated industries. By making information easier to find and use, M-Files increases the productivity of knowledge workers, provides a seamless digital experience, strengthens collaboration and reduces business risk.

M-Files is a highly configurable platform that can be easily customized for the needs of specific businesses, industries, and use cases. APIs and integrations to line-of-business solutions, other archives and legacy ECM platforms ensure that M-Files works seamlessly with an existing technology stack. M-Files even makes it possible for workers to continue using their favorite tools such as Microsoft Teams or Salesforce, rather than needing to switch to a new platform.

A variety of solution templates provide best practices for multiple use cases, helping organizations avoid the need to start from scratch when implementing intelligent information management plans. And third-party add-ins provide additional capabilities, enabling companies to further customize their M-Files deployment.