Document management

Improve document management with M-Files

Every day, the average organization generates an enormous amount of data and documents. It’s a huge challenge to simply keep track of this much information, let alone use it to drive business performance.

Without a superior enterprise document management system, the average employee will spend almost a third of their workday searching for the information they need1. And because of information management challenges, more than half of the information stored on enterprise systems is unavailable or unused.

M-Files provides leading document management technology that provides employees with instant access to any document from anywhere. By bringing order to the process of storing, retrieving and managing documents, M-Files helps to improve performance, increase efficiency and enhance collaboration throughout the organization.

Access the information you need instantly

From creation to disposal, see how M-Files provides a smarter way to manage documents, emails, and all your content.

How superior document management transforms workflows

When you work with a great document management system, finding the information you need is simple. Rather than spending 15 minutes searching for the right document and making sure you have the most recent version, you can find and open the correct document in seconds and start working with it immediately. When you multiply those 15 minutes by all the documents that employees work with day after day, the cost-savings and increases in efficiency can be significant.

Superior document management technology does much more than simplify search and retrieval, however. With a leading system like M-Files, you can:

Enhance collaboration with colleagues and partners

A high-quality document management system makes it easy to share files internally and externally, allowing multiple people to make contributions without creating versioning headaches. A superior system simplifies all the steps involved in editing, reviewing and approving documents, making sure the right people get the right version at the right time.

Keep documents secure

With central control and visibility of documents throughout the organization, you can more easily take the steps required to protect them and keep sensitive data out of the hands of cyber criminals.

Ensure and demonstrate compliance

Many industries have strict regulations about how data and documents are used, accessed and stored. With a strong document management solution, you can automate many compliance activities and easily demonstrate regulatory compliance when required.

Document management with M-Files

M-Files’ AI-powered intelligent information management solution makes it easy to deliver the right information to the right people when they need it, while maintaining complete control and ensuring compliance of vast volumes of enterprise documents. Rather than migrating documents to a single repository – a costly and complex task – M-Files connects systems, data and content throughout the organization, breaking down data silos without disturbing existing systems and processes. With digital document management technology from M-Files, you can store and access relevant information anywhere, in any format, at any time, simply by knowing what you’re looking for rather than worrying about where it is located.

Here’s how it works:

Tag the file

When saving a file for the first time, M-Files let you label a document with metadata based on its content. That could include, for example, the name of a customer, a project number, the date of creation or the type of content within the document.

Let M-Files store it

After you provide the essential information, M-Files takes care of storing and protecting it, coordinating versions, ensuring compliance and managing retention. You never need to worry about where the file is located.

Retrieve it

To retrieve it, simply type in the M-Files search bar what you’re looking for and find the right document with just a few clicks.

M-Files enables everything from simple document management use cases to sophisticated, automated workflows that support business-critical processes. Our technology helps you keep track of tasks and processes that automate daily work, and you can easily adhere to legal requirements and company guidelines while letting M-Files handle the audit trail.


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Features of M-Files’ technology

Automated version control

When you update a document, M-Files automatically saves a historical copy of the file so you can easily roll back to an earlier version.

Support for any document

Manage all types of files and data with M-Files, from spreadsheets and documents to presentations, email and more.

Anytime, anywhere access

Access files with any device. M-Files can even be accessed offline when you have no Internet connection.

Easy to use

Virtual folders provide a user experience that’s instantly familiar, while Desktop, Web or Mobile clients let users access their documents from their preferred devices.

Simplified collaboration

Users can edit, annotate, and comment on documents simultaneously.

Strong security

M-Files encrypts your data and lets you establish permissions that allow access based on role, group, project, document type and other criteria.

Improve client relationships with better document management

From proposals and contracts to correspondence and reports, every client relationship produces loads of files. M-Files document management technology makes it easy to organize, protect, and collaborate on all client-related materials, proving to your customers that their data is safe in your hands.

A single view

Eliminate service line data silos and gain a single point of reference for all client documents.

Streamlined tasks

Standardize and automate customer touch points such as onboarding, contract management and compliance requirements.

Protect sensitive information

M-Files encrypts each document and protects it with flexible access permissions.

Easier contract management

From first draft to sign off and archiving, M-Files can manage every stage of the contract process.

Familiar tools

M-Files integrates easily with popular productivity tools like Outlook, Gmail, and Salesforce, allowing your employees and clients to access documents with their preferred technology.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster Search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why customers love M-Files

M-Files empowers the world’s leading knowledge-work businesses with tools that drive performance in a digital, work-from-anywhere world. Our intelligent information management platform automates critical business processes while keeping information secure and controlled at all times.

Our technology is repository neutral. It integrates easily with other systems to connect documents and information throughout the organization – without requiring data migration. By automating and streamlining information management, we enable our customers to stop worrying about storing and protecting data and to focus instead on their core business.

M-Files can serve as BPM software, helping to automate, streamline and refine document-intensive workflows. M-Files is frequently deployed as legal or accounting document management technology, helping to bring order to the most document-intensive industries.

M-Files can be deployed as a cloud document management system, on premises or as a hybrid solution that optimizes cloud-based collaboration with investments in on-premises architecture. And by enabling workers to access documents with web or mobile clients, M-Files supports the trend toward remote and home-based workforces.