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Drive efficiency with legal document management solutions

Operational efficiency is critical to law firms. From helping to deliver superior client experiences to maximizing profitability and bringing casework in on time, efficiency is the key to achieving nearly every business goal in a legal practice. Yet law is also one of the most document-intensive industries, and many firms struggle to efficiently manage massive amounts of legal files and client communications.

M-Files can help. As a superior legal document management solution, M-Files makes it easy for legal professionals to find documents in seconds. M-Files simplifies document control, automates workflows, improves security and compliance and reduces business risk.

Access the information you need instantly

From creation to disposal, see how M-Files provides a smarter way to manage documents, emails, and all your content.

The benefits of legal document management technology

The right legal document management solution can help law firms address their most pressing challenges and achieve their most significant objectives.

Winning and retaining clients

Delivering an exceptional client experience is essential for winning and retaining business. Clients aren’t interested in cumbersome paper processes – they want service using state-of-the-art technology. They also expect access to knowledge and documents in real time. By ensuring the free flow of information between staff and clients, legal document management solutions can help to differentiate the law firm and keep clients coming back.

Streamlining casework and administrative tasks

From timesheets to casework and other paper-intensive processes, attorneys and legal staff can easily be overwhelmed by the volume of documents they must deal with any given day. By minimizing time spent on routine tasks, legal document management solutions can streamline casework and enable legal professionals to focus on high-priority tasks.

Bringing casework in on time and within budget

As case management grows more complex, any inefficiencies can be amplified easily through the entire practice. A superior legal document management solution can help attorneys more efficiently communicate with clients, process mountains of documents and keep everyone on track to increase productivity and maximize billable hours.

Maintaining reputation and minimizing risk

Ensuring document security and compliance is critical to protecting the reputation of a firm and eliminating the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. The right legal document management solution will support document security systems and risk management solutions with automated workflows that prevent leaks, protect data and ensure tighter compliance and audit procedures.

M-Files: a smarter way to manage legal documents

M-Files is a next-generation intelligent information management platform that enables law firms and legal professionals to find, use, and secure documents more effectively.

M-Files uses a unique Intelligent Metadata Layer to tag every document with information that makes it easier to find. Rather than needing to know where a document is located, users can simply search on relevant information to find the documents they need in just a few clicks. With this technology, M-Files connects every document within a legal practice no matter where it resides – in network folders, on SharePoint, in file-sharing services or other applications and platforms – to provide a single view of all documents.

M-Files delivers all the features and capabilities law firms require in a legal document management solution.

Fast search and retrieval

With M-Files, attorneys and staff can always have documents at their fingertips, accelerating workflows and enhancing communications with clients.

Stronger security

M-Files secures every document with enterprise-level encryption and provides strict, role-based permissions that ensure only the right people can access a given record.

Easier collaboration

Attorneys and staff members can easily share documents, contracts, and other records with colleagues, clients and external entities. Multiple users can annotate and redline text at the same time, while M-Files keeps a historical record of every change.

No more version headaches

Rather than emailing documents back and forth, legal teams can use a link to access a single, authoritative version of each document.


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Advantages of legal document management with M-Files

By relying on M-Files’ intelligent information management technology, legal practices can achieve significant advantages in efficiency and productivity.

Enhance profitability and business growth
By reducing operational costs, eliminating waste and improving agility, M-Files boosts profitability and enables legal firms to scale easily to take on new clients. As a single point of access for client information and other company data, M-Files streamlines and automates document-intensive work, enabling staff to better serve clients and manage documentation more efficiently.

Attract top talent

M-Files fulfills the expectations that top legal talent has for efficiency in a workplace setting. By supporting the modernized, efficient and paperless office, M-Files enables workers to access the information they need from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Attorneys and staff can collaborate easily with colleagues and clients, while automation features reduce manual task work so employees can focus on things that matter most.

Deliver better legal outcomes

In legal practices, optimal outcomes depend on quick assessments of relevant information related to cases and matters. M-Files’ document control software eliminates manual control of documents and provides automation at key points in the case management process. With M-Files’ superior legal document management technology, legal staff can access the documents and information they need, track document versions and easily stay on top of the status of each document for every case.

Keep sensitive information secure

Law firms need flexible legal document management solutions that adapt to ever-changing regulatory demands, keep sensitive information safe and allow attorneys and staff to have instant access to the information they need. M-Files provides robust, dynamic permissions capabilities that ensure information is always available to people who need it and inaccessible or invisible to those who don’t. Access permissions can be controlled by user, group, role as well as metadata property.

Automate legal document workflows

M-Files’ workflow automation streamlines legal document workflows to accelerate communication, information sharing and document processes.

As documents are created, edited, reviewed, approved and signed, M-Files keeps track of the document at every stage of the workflow, issuing assignments and notifications to relevant people and following up to make sure tasks are completed. M-Files keeps track of and displays documentation status and tracks document versions with a full audit trail describing who has done what and when. By automating distribution to the right people and securing information through dynamic access control, M-Files facilitates efficient workflows and expedites case closeouts, document handovers and information archival.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster Search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why legal firms choose M-Files

M-Files uses AI-powered technology to break down silos by finding and analyzing documents no matter where they exist within a legal practice. By connecting all documents and information across every platform and repository, M-Files makes it possible to deliver the right information to the right people right when they need it. And by automating information-driven legal processes, M-Files dramatically increases efficiency while maintaining complete control and compliance of vast volumes of legal documents and correspondence.

Integrations and APIs make it possible for legal professionals to take advantage of M-Files’ technology using the tools they work with every day. And with M-Files mobile client, attorneys and staff can easily access documents when in court or in meetings away from the office.

Today, M-Files is the choice of thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries.