The Norwegian Public Roads Administration Steers Toward a Smarter Digital Future, Paves the Way with Metadata-Driven Document Management from M-Files

M-Files lands breakthrough deal in Norway

Austin, Texas – Feb. 17, 2023 – M-Files, a global leader in information management, today announced that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has chosen the M-Files platform for metadata-driven document management and collaboration related to technical documentation throughout all their work processes. This is among the largest agreements for M-Files together with a partner globally. The agreement with the Norwegian Roads Administration has been entered together with Norwegian NettPost as implementation partner. After M‑Files strengthened its Norwegian presence last year, the interest in M-Files’ solutions has been record high, paving the way for further growth in Norway.

“This is one of the largest contracts for M-Files with a partner ever on a global level. The total contract value including all options and associated elements is stipulated at more than $12 million (above NOK 120 million),” said Antti Nivala, founder and CEO, M-Files.

The agreement has a duration of three years for the Operation and Maintenance division with a contract value of more than $6 million (NOK 62.3 million). In addition, the agreement includes an additional option with an estimated value of nearly $6 million (NOK 59 million), for the Development division for further implementation and purchase of the solution. The duration of the contract can extend for an additional 5 years to a total of 8 years depending on the optional project scope. The first phase in the implementation of the solution includes the electrical and tunnel area within the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

“We have high hopes for the result and look forward to close and beneficial cooperation,” said Bjørn Laksforsmo, director of Operations and Maintenance, Norwegian Public Roads Administration.


Photo Caption: M-Files is chosen by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration for metadata-driven document management and collaboration

(from the left): Stig-Arne Ryeng (Account Executive, M-Files Norway), Juha Nurmi (Partner Manager, M-Files Norway), Bjørn Laksforsmo (Director of Operation and Maintenance, NPRA), Kristin Korsell (Project Manager, NPRA), Arve Lien Nielsen (CEO, NettPost)

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In connection with the implementation of M-Files, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has defined three main areas that they want to improve. The objective is that M-Files should contribute to better information management and better document handling within the administration phase, in addition to better handover between investment projects and administration. According to the contract award, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration describes the M-Files platform as innovative, flexible, and configurable, and considers M-Files to be a future-oriented solution that will challenge and improve the way the Norwegian Public Roads Administration works today. The solution will also help the Roads Administration to achieve the goal of a fully digital value chain for the roads.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration highlights that M-Files’ approach to information management differs significantly from its competitors with its metadata-based system that enables users to quickly access information. With M-Files, information is organized, secured, and processed using intuitive metadata tags that recognize document type, characteristics, data elements, version status and importance. According to the Roads Administration, the platform is beneficial as it does not utilize traditional folder structures, but instead makes information easy to find and use based on active searches. This is powerful, says the Roads Administration.

“Taking care of the existing infrastructure is one of the best things we can do on behalf of the community and for the climate. In order to be able to do this, it is necessary to have clear and easily accessible technical documentation for all road objects – throughout the life cycle of the road,” said Bjørn Laksforsmo, director of NPRA Operations and Maintenance, Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

“Along with the work to implement a solution for infrastructure asset management, initially within the field of tunnels and electrical engineering, this is another milestone for system support that will enable us to prioritise the right maintenance at the right time – for the benefit of our customers and community, and to get the best value for money,” said Laksforsmo.

“This contract, with a large public enterprise, is a “game changer” in the market which further positions M-Files among large enterprises, both in the private and public sector. We are pleased that an organization such as the Norwegian Roads Administration sees the value in M-Files’ metadata-driven document management platform for better information management,” said Stig-Arne Ryeng, account executive, Norway, M-Files, and continues:

“Document and information management is often not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about IT solutions and technology. Here we see that there is a technological lag in many businesses, as there has been strong innovative development in this area in recent years. Just think about how much time people and businesses spend creating, storing, and searching for content. It is both smarter, simpler and less time-consuming if you can find and take advantage of the documents in a more flexible way,” said Ryeng, who says that the return on investment in metadata-driven information systems is very high.

According to a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting, the M-Files platform can deliver nearly a 270% return on investment (ROI) over three years to midsize and enterprise customers. At the same time, it removes time spent on mundane, repetitive tasks by automating business processes and avoids unnecessary frustrations linked to searching for and re-creating new documents, which has great value and importance for employees across an organization.

M-Files is a global leader in metadata-driven document management and information management. As part of M-Files’ strong investment in Norway, the interaction with local partners such as NettPost is also being expanded.

“The interest in metadata-driven systems is growing strongly in Norway, because they reflect reality in a much better way than folder-based systems,” said Arve Lien Nielsen, CEO, NettPost, and adds:

“Businesses are keen to put in place a data-driven architecture across their systems and business areas. This contributes both to simplification, better processes and better management of everything that is involved in a business. We therefore expect significant growth in the coming days and we are very grateful that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has chosen M-Files and NettPost as their preferred partners in this area,” said Nielsen.

“M-Files interacts closely with local partners to further develop its position in the Norwegian market. Together with our long-term partner NettPost, we have now put together a team that will ensure success for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration,” said Juha Nurmi, partner manager, Norway, M-Files.

“M-Files is ideally suited to support large organizations like the Norwegian Public Roads Administration with managing the whole lifecycle of their documentation from initial construction to operating, maintaining and decommissioning of their road assets,” said Antti Nivala, founder and CEO, M-Files.

“Our metadata-driven document management platform ensures all stakeholders have secure access to the documents and information they need and enables them to manage that information in the same system. When information is always up-to-date and there are no information silos between stakeholders, the business risks associated with operation and maintenance of their assets are greatly reduced,” Nivala said.

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