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Information and documents are critical to business success today. From proposals and agreements to correspondence and reports, documents drive nearly every critical business process. Having access to the right document at the right time is essential to moving the business forward.

Yet far too often, workers can’t easily access the documents they need. Sometimes they can’t remember where a document was stored or how it was filed. On other occasions, they’re unsure whether the document they’re looking at is the latest version and whether they can trust the information in it.

Superior document management tools like M-Files can help. By making it easy to find, access, and share the right documents with anyone, M-Files’ document management software helps reduce business risk, recoup wasted hours, accelerate business timelines and use information to drive business performance.

Access the information you need instantly

From creation to disposal, see how M-Files provides a smarter way to manage documents, emails, and all your content.

The challenges of document management

Effective document management tools must solve several enormous challenges when it comes to handling data.

The volume of documents

The world is producing data at an unfathomable rate. In fact, 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone1. And every two days, we create as much information as we did from the beginning of time until 20032. When storing so much data, it’s no wonder workers have trouble finding exactly what they need.

Disparate systems

Documents come in a huge variety of formats – as much as 90% of it is unstructured3, making it harder to access and analyze. What’s more, documents are often spread over multiple technologies, platforms and content management systems, making them more difficult to secure and manage.

How M-Files helps you work smarter

As an intelligent information management solution, M-Files provides document management tools that make it easy to quickly find the right document while automating information-driven business processes and ensuring compliance.

Unlike traditional document management systems, M-Files doesn’t require a costly and complex migration of documents to a single repository. Instead, M-Files connects systems, data and content throughout the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes. By breaking down information silos between various platforms and technologies, M-Files offers a single view of all documents that makes it easier to find, manage and secure essential information.

The biggest difference between M-Files and other document management tools is the way information is stored. M-Files focuses on what a document is rather than where it is located. When saving a file with M-Files, users can tag the file with metadata that describes the content and makes it simple to find later. Metadata tags can be anything from the name of a client, project or user to order numbers, authorization, document type or date of creation.


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Benefits of M-Files document management tools

As a document management tool, M-Files offers many advantages over other approaches to digital document management.

Faster search

With M-Files, documents are always labeled with metadata that that makes it easy for workers to find exactly what they need.

No more data silos

M-Files connects all your systems and data repositories to create a single view of content, whether your documents are stored in SharePoint, Teams, Salesforce, Google Workspace, local drives or other locations.

Workflow automation

M-Files provides tools for keeping track of tasks with automated document management workflow. You can streamline processes, adhere to guidelines and demonstrate compliance while letting M-Files worry about the audit trail.

No duplicates or multiple versions

M-Files always stores one copy of every document, so you never have to worry about duplicates or which file is the most recent version.

Anywhere, anytime access

You can access documents via M-Files from any device at any time.

Use your favorite tools

With M-Files, workers don’t need to learn a new tool or platform. They can continue working with their favorite tools as the user interface for finding, accessing, editing and managing documents.

Flexible deployment

You can set up M-Files document management tools as a cloud-based solution, an on-premises technology or as a hybrid solution.

Keep your documents safe

M-Files encrypts your data and provides dynamic permissions that let you control access to documents based on role, group, project, document type and other criteria.

Tools for managing client documents

M-Files provides the ideal document management tools for handling client data. From proposals and agreements to orders and correspondence, client files are often saved on diverse systems and in different locations. M-Files connects them all to make it easy to find and protect vital client data.

A single view of client documents

With just a click, you can view the all the documents from a client relationship, making it easy to organize, store and access information you need.

Automated processes

M-Files makes it easy to automate standard customer touch points like onboarding, Know Your Client procedures and contract management.

Demonstrate data expertise

With M-Files, your clients will know their data is in good hands. Track what happens to every document from creation through editing, approval and signature. Audit trails let you demonstrate you’ve followed the correct procedures and kept each document safe.

Manage large volumes of information

Workers in charge of law firm document management and accounting document management must handle enormous amounts of data. M-Files makes it easy to manage storage, retrieval, retention, security and destruction of client files.

How M-Files enables efficiency for your business?

Faster Search

What you need, when you need it. That is the way M-Files works. Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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You can use your favorite daily tools, such as MS Teams or Salesforce to manage your documents.

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Easy collaboration

Share content securely, and co-author documents simultaneously — wherever you work.

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Streamlined daily work

Let M-Files suggest tags for your documents and add workflows for faster processing.

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Why choose document management tools from M-Files?

M-Files puts information in front of the people who need it, when they need it, wherever they work. With our technology, you don’t need to know where something is stored – you simply search for what it is that you need. The M-Files platform sets boundaries for how information is managed to ensure that documents are kept secure and private, and that their use is aligned with your processes and workflows.

M-Files provides a single source of truth that is presented with one view and connected to other business processes. The result: you get a 360° view of all your content without needing to conduct a time-consuming or costly migration to a central data repository. That’s why thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries rely on M-Files’ document management tools to organize, secure, and store their critical business documents.